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Getting started

Before starting

Any user wishing to access the TRACES NT platform must have an EU Login account.


To increase system security, as of 11 June 2024, all TRACES users will need two-factor authentication to access TRACES. To be prepared, please set up the two-factor authentication in your EU Login account as soon as possible.

To do so, please go to and log in with the username and password you use for TRACES (EU Login account).

Need more help with the two-factor authentication? Please watch this video explaining the setup of the two-factor authentication and consult the EU Login Help page.

You can access the EU Login platform by clicking here.

For more information and guides regarding EU Login please click here.


If you already have an EU Login account, do not create a new one. EU Login is the Single Sign On application for a wide range of EC platforms and a single account can be used to authenticate on multiple systems.

Also, a few terms...

  • User refers to any individual accessing the TRACES NT platform.

    Users have a personal EU Login account linked to their email address, enabling their authentication in the IMSOC application.

    Users can be linked to one or several Operators.

  • Operators, by contrast, comprise businesses, companies, legal entities, and organizations, among other establishments.

    To create or access a certificate or document in IMSOC, a User must request a role within an Operator by linking their EU login Account (also known as "user account") to said Operator. This will then grant them access to the TRACES NT platform and enable all functionalities to which their Operator is entitled.


    A single Operator may have many different activities e.g., Responsible for the Load (RFL), Plant Establishment, Exporter, etc.

Guided onboarding

The following process has been created to facilitate the onboarding procedure for new users to TRACES NT.

How it works
  • Customized Sentences: You'll begin by constructing sentences from predefined text chunks. These sentences will represent your status and role, reflecting who you are and what you do.

  • Guided Explanations: After you create each sentence, our app will provide you with step-by-step explanations of what actions to take based on the sentence you've just crafted. This guidance will ensure you know exactly how to proceed.

Get started

Validation of requests

For administrator and authority users, you can find all procedures related to user validation in this dedicated section.

This section consists of a comprehensive guide outlining the specific steps and protocols necessary for user validation within your administrative role.

From account verification to access control measures, this resource consolidates all the essential information to ensure a smooth validation process.

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