Fisheries Areas Network


  • FARNET Guide #12: Boosting business along the fisheries value chain

    Adding value to fisheries, Business support, Diversification
    This guide aims to provide tools for FLAGs aiming to strengthen the value chains in their area and ensure that local businesses, and especially fishermen and local aquaculture producers, capture as big a portion of that value as possible.
  • FARNET Guide 10 cover

    FARNET Guide #10: Starting CLLD implementation in practice

    Complementary funding, Fisheries resources, Integrated coastal management
    This guide presents examples of applying CLLD under the different ESI Funds: EMFF, EAFRD, ESF and ERDF from the perspective of Managing Authorities and local actors.
  • FARNET Guides #1-10

    Adding value to fisheries, Diversification, Environment, Governance, Society and culture
    All FARNET Guides published during the 2007-2013 programming period.