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The EU Health Policy Platform is an interactive tool to boost discussions about public health concerns, share knowledge and best practices. The Platform invites you to exchange with others, pool your expertise in joint statements and disseminate actions among a wide audience.

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The EU Health Policy Platform is a collaborative online tool that makes it easy for European Commission services, health-related interest groups and stakeholders to communicate with each other.

DG SANTE is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities – find more information in the Platform’s Accessibility Statement.

The EU Health Policy Platform is moderated by the European Commission Directorate for Health and Food Safety, which also provides input. The Platform is funded through the EU4Health Programme 2021-2017. The working language is English, but ad-hoc networks in other EU languages may by created at the request of Platform members.

In addition to running the Web Platform, which facilitates online discussion, collaboration and frequent webinars; the EU Health Policy Platform team also organises the EU Health AwardThis Award recognises cities, NGOs and schools whose initiatives improve public health in the European Union. The EU Health Award ceremony is held as part of the EU Health Policy Platform’s Annual Meeting for health stakeholders. The meeting is open to health interest groups and EU staff and focuses on current and future EU health priorities. It also gives participants the opportunity to network and gives stakeholders the chance to present their activities.

The European Commission would like to invite all health stakeholders active in the field of health or interested in EU Health Policy to join the EU Health Policy Platform. Take a look at the Rules of procedure and the user guide to these how the Platform works and get an understanding of its benefits!

  • Rules of Procedure of the EU Health Policy Platform : as a user or a potential user, you are encouraged to read the Rules of Procedure of the EU Health Policy Platform to learn more about our working methods and our terms and conditions.
  • User Guide : this guide explains registration procedures and the Platform’s functionalities (i.e. how to post a news item!). Register in the Platform and let your voice be heard!

Platform users can post news, create opinion polls, share upcoming events, store documents and much more, in one or more of the Platform’s networks! Once registered, you will have access to the following types of networks:

  1. Agora Network, common discussion area automatically accessible to all users who comply with the Platform’s Rules of Procedure. All members are encouraged to publish news related to their activities in this network.
  2. Exchange Networks are accessible to all users registered in the Platform and are used to exchange good practices and share training materials.
  3. Thematic Networks are temporary, set up for only one year. They are led by a stakeholder organisation selected through a call for proposals and a democratic poll in the Agora Network. The leader prepares a collaborative position paper (the Joint Statement) on a health-related priority. The Platform team organises several open live webinars to discuss ideas before the Joint Statement is drafted and later presented by the organisation in the lead at the EU Health Policy Platform Annual Meeting. All users registered in the Agora network are invited to actively participate in the Thematic Networks by attending webinars, by suggesting their own Joint Statement or by seeking endorsement of their Joint Statement. 
  4. European Commission and Member State-led Networks are networks (usually) only accessible to appointed members.
  5. Stakeholder Networks are restricted networks to share knowledge and information on a specific health area. They are created in response to a direct request from stakeholder members of the Agora network and approved by the European Commission. Users registered in the Agora network who have an interest in a certain stakeholder network may request access. Registered users are invited to propose the creation of a stakeholder network to the Platform team.

As a user, you will receive a bi-weekly "Latest updates" newsletter with all the most recent information shared on the Agora network (as well as on a restricted section visible only to members of your networks).

Webinars on key EU health initiatives are organised on a regular basis by the European Commission, Member States and stakeholders. Information on upcoming webinars is posted in the Agora Network (check the announcements section!). Registered users are also invited to propose webinar topics. Find the privacy statement for EU Health Policy Platform live webinars here.

For more information about the EU Health Award or the EU Health Policy Platform, please contact

The EU Health Policy Platform team

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The EU Health Policy Platform processes your data in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725. ECAS and SAAS are systems of the European Commission that allow authenticating and authorising users for the Web Platform. The Notification on Data Protection, the Privacy Statement for the Identity Management Service and the Privacy Statement for SAAS explain your data protection rights in detail.


Regulation (EU) 2018/1725

An integral part of the EU Health Policy Platform, the EU Health Award was established to recognise stakeholders who are making positive changes in their communities. As well as acknowledging their commitment, the EU Health Award raises awareness of the vital role cities, NGOs and schools play in strengthening participative democracy and active citizenship in public health. In previous editions, only NGOs were considered for the award, but in 2019, the categories of cities and schools were added. The EU Health Award rewards initiatives acting at international, European, regional, national and local level.

The specific theme of the award differs every year. Find out more by visiting the EU Health Award website.

All EU Health Award applicants are strongly encouraged to join the EU Health Policy Platform to engage in the discussions on health issues of common interest with international, European, national and regional stakeholders and the European Commission. Please check our user guide to find out more about how to register and how the Platform works. All information concerning the EU Health Award is made public in the Agora Network (the common discussion area that is automatically accessible to all users who comply with the Platform’s Rules of procedure).

The EU Health Policy Platform also gathers good practices from the cities, NGOs and schools applying for the Award, as a source of inspiration for others working in public health. The EU Health Award is funded under the 3rd Health Programme 2014-2020, which also supports the identification, dissemination and implementation of cost-efficient good practices that improve health and the quality of life.

For more information about the EU Health Award or the EU Health Policy Platform, please contact

Thematic Networks

The Thematic Networks gather discussions on specific health topics, with the purpose to issue joint statements for input to EU health policy.

Health Inequalities and Wellbeing

There is still a lack of awareness that higher level of inequalities lead to more spending. EuroHealthNet, the leader of this thematic network, calls for action on the key determinants that affect health. In addition, this network will consider how to implement more consistent monitoring systemsread more

EU Expert and Stakeholder Group Networks

Those networks are reserved for already appointed members of existing Commission Experts and Stakeholders groups. What is a Commission expert group?

HIV AIDS Civil Society Forum

HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum is a group of major European networks and NGOs, advising the Think Tank on HIV/AIDS policy formulation and implementation.

HIV AIDS Think Tank

HIV/AIDS Think Tank is a forum with representatives of EU Member States and neighbouring countries to exchange information and to strengthen cooperation.

High Level Group on Nutrition and Physical Activity

The expert group on social determinants and health inequalities shares information and good practices on health inequalities and provides input into policy development.

EU Platform on Diet, Physical activity and Health Network

The EU platform for action on diet, physical activity and health provides a forum for actors at European level wishing to act to contribute to contain and reverse overweight and obesity trends.

Expert Group on Social Determinants and Health Inequalities

The expert group on social determinants and health inequalities shares information and good practices on health inequalities and provides input into policy development.

Expert Group on Mental Health

Mental health is addressed by Commission policies, European Parliament acts and statements of the Council of Ministers. Mental health in the population is important for the successful implementation of several Community-policies, and at the same time it is influenced by them. An expert group onread more

Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action (CNAPA)

The Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action (CNAPA) shares information, knowledge and good practice on reducing harmful alcohol consumption.

Expert Group on Cancer Control

The Expert Group on Cancer Control brings together representatives from Member States as well as representatives from patient groups, scientific and medical associations specialised in cancer, organisations working on cancer prevention, and industry. This group advices European Commissionread more

Reformulation / Sugar-sweetened beverages

Reformulation / Breakfast cereals

Reformulation / Dairy products

Coordination of projects related to refugees

This is a coordination committee made of representatives of DG SANTE, CHAFEA, project coordinators or coordinators of clusters of projects funded under the call HP-HA 2015. The aim is to coordinate the actions of all the projects. Public information discussed in this group will be shared in theread more

Chronic Diseases

Chronic Diseases Network

New Joint Action on Chronic Diseases

This network is exclusively for the use of member states representatives to advance discussions on the new Joint Action on Chronic Diseases. All public information from this group will be published in the Agora.