The IT Platform is a collaborative tool to ease the communication between the Commission services and health stakeholders online. Its working language is English.


The IT Platform consists of:

  1. This public webpage with general information on the EU Health Policy Platform.
  2. The Agora network, an open discussion area accessible to all stakeholders who registered in the IT Platform.
  3. Thematic Networks accessible to stakeholders to discuss thematic issues (e.g. children and youth health).
    Thematic networks can take two different formats:
    • Thematic networks to discuss specific issues of interest, open to all stakeholders;
    • Thematic networks where selected stakeholders can participate according to the issue discussed.
  4. EU Expert and Stakeholder Groups network(s) are networks only accessible for members of existing DG Health and Food Safety’s EU Expert and Stakeholder groups. The Platform will assist them to prepare their meetings, to benefit from interaction with other groups and provide them with a means of continued discussion between their meetings.


There are 3 kinds of users in the EU Health Policy Platform:

  • European Commission staff;
  • Members of already established EU Expert and Stakeholder Groups of DG Health and Food Safety;
  • Any health stakeholders meeting the EU Health Policy Platform criteria. To find out if you qualify for participation, please have a look at the Working Methods of the EU Health Policy Platform.

Terms and Conditions

The use of the IT Platform is governed by terms and conditions developed by the European Commission. You are strongly encouraged to read the Terms and Conditions to know more about what is expected from you as a user.