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(warning) Only the releases which impact the way you use the Portal are listed below.

23.04.2021 (Funding & Tenders Portal SEDIA V4.2.1)

Funding & Tenders Portal V4.2.1 will be released on 23 April 2021, in order to apply the following minor fixes and improvements:

  • Addition of the new filter Programming period to the Funding updates page:

14.04.2021 (Funding & Tenders Portal SEDIA V4.2.0)

Dear User,

We are happy to announce the release of a new e-learning platform to support and inspire the R&I Programme Participants in their endeavours to bring their research solutions to market.

The Horizon Results Platform TV (HRP TV) is a brand new feature that is complementary to the existing Horizon Results Platform. As the name suggests, the HRP TV is an audiovisual library of videos and podcasts on various exploitation topics. To find out more, click here.

This new portal feature is accessible as from 14 April 2021. You can access it via the Horizon Results Platform, in the Partners and related initiatives section, by clicking on the HRP TV icon:

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address:

12.04.2021 (Funding & Tenders Portal SEDIA 4.1.0)

Version SEDIA V4.1.0 will be released on 12 April 2021, in order to apply the following minor fixes and improvements:

  • Redesign of the How to participate page:

  • Update of the text in the Terms & Conditions checkbox for the Contact organisation and Contact project forms.

26.03.2021 (Funding & Tenders Portal SEDIA 4.0.2)

SEDIA V4.0.2 is scheduled for release on 26 March 2021, in order to apply the following improvements:


  • Addition of a Need help? button in the My Invitation(s) and My Submission(s) pages of the Manage my area section:

  • Addition of new options in the Sort by drop-down list of the My Invitation(s) and My Submission(s) pages of the Manage my area section.
  • Addition of the new filter Quick search on specific priorities for the Horizon programme:

Horizon Results platform

Addition of new filters in the Advanced filters drop-down list of the Search page:

  • Start-up involved
  • Investment sought (EUR)
  • Scalable Business Model
  • Replicable Result
  • Sustainable Business Model
  • Target Geographical Market

26.02.2021 (Funding & Tenders Portal 3.8.0)

SEDIA V3.8.0 is scheduled for release on 26 February 2021, in order to apply the following improvements:

  • New layout for the My Invitation(s) and My Submission(s) tabs of Procurement section in the Manage My Area menu:

For more information, please consult the dedicated pages My Invitation(s) and My Submission(s) of the Funding & Tenders Portal eProcurement Wiki.

  • Addition of a report abuse option to notifications sent via contact forms (contact organisation, contact project) available in the Partner Search and the Horizon Data and Results platform. When receiving any form via these means of communication you will see a link at the bottom. If you consider that the contact with the organisation/project can be considered abusive, click on the link, the IT Helpdesk form in the Portal will open and you will be able to provide further details for the IT support to take action on the matter.

04.12.2020 (Funding & Tenders Portal 3.6.0)

SEDIA V3.6.0 is scheduled for release on 4 December 2020, in order to apply the following improvements:

-Addition of various elements: a search field and a filter box, to view users linked to the organisation.

-The search field allows users to search by name or email address and the filter box has a dropdown list with the different roles.

-When clicking on the new blue Search button, the requested selection is displayed.

-The Show all button provides the view of all the roles linked to the organisation.

Horizon Results platform

  • Validation of the video link before submitting a result:

For each result, a correct video link is requested or, if not available, an image file.

20.11.2020 (Funding & Tenders Portal 3.5.4)

SEDIA V3.5.4 is scheduled for release on 20 November 2020, in order to apply the following improvements:

  • New Report fraud button in the homepage: This button will open the Commission Anti-Fraud Website, where you will find all needed information about the subject.

  • New icons for the sections My Organisation(s) and My Expert Area within Manage My Area:

My Audits

  • When accessing My Audits, a new visual warning will display for audits which are not assigned to a team yet. See How to Assign Roles for further details.

02.10.2020 (Funding & Tenders Portal 3.2.0)

SEDIA V3.2.0 is scheduled for release on 2 October 2020, revamping the way you access the online help:

  • Improvement of the documentation links in all pages of the portal, via the creation of the Need help? button.

This new button centralizes the documentation links of a page in one single place. When clicking on it, you will see a dropdown list of the related available documentation by domain: Grants (Online Manual and IT How To) and Procurements (eProcurement Help).

25.09.2020 (Funding & Tenders Portal 3.1.0)

SEDIA V3.1.0 is scheduled for release on 25 September 2020, in order to present the new H2020 Results homepage.

H2020 Results platform

  • Upgrade of the homepage, with a more visual display and a redistribution of the content. The main changes are:
    • Publish my results button, which takes you to My projects, from where you can publish results for your own projects.
    • A new section Related Partner and Other Initiatives, with useful links for the users of the platform.
    • A new section Testimonials, at the bottom of the page, sharing feedback from organisations about their experience using the platform.

14.09.2020 (Funding & Tenders Portal 3.0.0)

SEDIA V3.0.0 is scheduled for release on 14 September 2020, in order to apply the following improvements to the H2020 Result Platform:

  • The Project Result ID will display in the Results details:

  • Upgrade of the Results input form, with the addition of a workflow and new fields for each section.

The input form is now divided into 6 sections, each one is 1 step in the workflow, for a better experience and navigation through the form when drafting and preparing your result page:

The new fields you will find in the form are as follows:

Section 2: About us

  • Owners for exploitation
  • Start-up created for further exploitation?

Section 4: Result and Business Maturity and exploitation outlook

  • Do you already have customers for this result?
  • Number of existing customers
  • What type of customers / users do you have?
  • Which Business Sectors do your customers mainly come from?
  • Do you have a scalable business model?
  • Please elaborate on the Scalability
  • Is your result replicable?
  • Please elaborate on the Replicability
  • Is your result and your business model sustainable in the long-term?
  • Please elaborate on Sustainability
  • Are you targeting geographical markets?
  • What are the main geographical markets you are targeting?

Section 5: Investors Corner

  • What level of investment (EUR) are you currently looking for? 


Please note that if you had a results page published before this change, you will need to fill in these new fields when editing that result page, in order to republish it.

You will also find that some new limitations have been added to some fields, for example:

  • You can only select up to 3 choices of Target Audiences.
  • You can only select up to 3 choices of Our needs are.

For more information about the different sections, see Step 2: Filling in the form to create your result profile – definition & explanation of each field.

17.07.2020 (Funding & Tenders Portal 2.3.0)

My Audits and Audit roles

A new set of roles have been created to support new enhancements for the management of outsourced audits.

To know more about the new roles for the audited firm, see Roles and access rights.

To know more about the new roles for the external audit firm, see AUDIT Firm Roles.

A new functionality has been enabled to manage the audits, both for the audited and the external auditor firms. It consists of the creation of TEAMs to which you assign audits and resources to manage the audits. For more information see How to assign or revoke roles (Portal IT Wiki).

Support contact forms

A new contact form for business-related questions is available for the following programmes (under Support / Helpdesk & Support services): INNOVFUND, 3HP, CP, HERC, JUST, AGRIP, REC and UCPM.

30.04.2020 (Funding & Tenders Portal 1.3.8)

The selection of languages in the language bar has increased to cover all member state languages. When clicking on it, you will be able to select other languages apart from English and French:

Please note that this does not mean that the content is available in that language. When there is no content in the selected language the English version will display.

10.04.2020 (Funding & Tenders Portal 1.3.6)

H2020 Results platform

  • Enhancement of the results' layout, providing a more clear view of their elements: 

  • Possibility for the End User to save a result's draft without completing all mandatory fields.
    With the Save draft action, the only mandatory field to be completed is Title of result.
    All mandatory fields will must be completed when previewing or publishing the result.

06.03.2020 (Funding & Tenders Portal 1.3.5)

Funding opportunities - All programmes

  • Addition of the section Topic related FAQ in the topic page:

H2020 Results platform

  • Update of the acceptable video URLs in project results. Only links to YouTube and Vimeo are accepted.
  • Reordering the Advanced Filters drop down menus in the project results fields Innovation Radar assessment, Result type and Current Stage of R&D / Commercial Maturity.

31.01.2020 (Funding & Tenders Portal 1.3.4)

EU External Action (RELEX) programme

H2020 Results platform

  • Improved behaviour of the related results when selecting a filter in the search.
  • Image format will be limited to jpeg, gif and png formats, including the logo image. No other formats accepted.

10.01.2020 (Funding & Tenders Portal 1.3.3)

The visual aspect of the project results’ pages have been enhanced by adding compulsory requirement of a video or an image that identifies each project result.

Previously, users had the possibility to add a video, but it was optional. Now, they will need to include either a video or an image.

When users are adding a video, they will need to specify a URL.

When they add an image, they need to upload the file.

The preference is that users add a video to the results item.

There is only the possibility to have either an image or a video per result. Therefore, if the user adds an image and wishes to add a video later on, the video will replace the image.

4.10.2019 (Funding & Tenders Portal 1.2.3)

Dear User,

Please note that as from 04.10.2019, you will be prompted to accept our corporate cookie policy.

You not necessarily need to accept it, but certain services could be unavailable if you do not accept it. Please, click here to find more how we use cookies and change your settings.

14.06.2019 (Funding & Tenders Portal 1.1)

Dear User,

We are happy to announce the release of a new version of the portal which integrates Results and Monitoring and Funding & Tenders portals in one single entry point. As from now, external partners will access their workspace applications via the Funding & Tenders Portal.

This version also incorporates the following fixes and improvements related to the integration:

  • A new filter "EU External Action" will be available now in the portal, through which you access the home page and specific information of EU External Action (RELEX).

  • Change towards a new authentication method via open ID. For usual users of Funding & Tenders Portal no change will be noticed, but users of the old Results & Monitoring Portal will have access now to additional security settings such as 2-step verification for "my area".
  • Correction of the Lear access requests for projects for Results. Information about using this feature is available here.
  • Correction of the PLsign role not working properly for Results. Find more information about this role here, or about how to grant it in this other page.

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