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    To manage the Results for your Horizon projects, access the Funding & Tenders Portal and click on My Project(s) within the Manage my area section on the left.

    Select Project Results.

    (warning) Please note that only Key Exploitable Results (KERs) should be uploaded in the Platform.

    In H2020, a result is defined as:

    Any tangible or intangible output of the action, such as data, knowledge and information whatever their form or nature, whether or not they can be protected, which are generated in the action as well as any attached rights, including intellectual property rights”.

    A Key Exploitable Result (KER) is an identified main interesting result (as defined above) which has been selected and  prioritised due to its high potential to be “exploited” – meaning to make use and derive benefits-  downstream the value chain of a product, process or solution, or act as an important input to policy, further research or education.

    In order for you to select and prioritise your results we would recommend that you use the following criteria:

    1. Degree of innovation, (b) exploitability and (c) impact.

    Results such as ‘outcomes or announcements of consortia meetings, conferences or other events’ are not considered as KERs and therefore are not in the scope of the Horizon Results Platform. ‘Project deliverables’ are not necessarily Key Exploitable Results either and it is not the purpose of the Horizon Results Platform to be the reporting tool to the Project Officer!

    PACO and COCO roles of a project can create results for a project (see Roles and access rights for more information about roles) . The creator becomes the author of the results item and can:

    • Create/edit/save/delete/publish draft. When publishing, the result will become visible for others in the platform that same evening. The results which are marked as deleted will not display in the platform, but they remain visible for admins and authors when accessing their list of results for their project.
    • Edit/republish/unpublish a published result. When you unpublish, the result changes into draft status and it is not visible for others on the horizon results platform anymore.
    • View/delete a result on which there is a complaint. Portal users may complain on a result. To do so, they will use the complaint contact form available in the result itself.

      When complaining on a result, the platform moderators will receive it and decide whether to set the status of the result under review. The provided justification (i.e., text entered in the form) will be mentioned in the notification that the moderator will receive. If it is set under review, it will not be visible for the users in the platform, but the author has the rights to view/edit or delete. 

    To see results of funded research projects select H2020 in the filter and click on Projects & Results on the top menu. Then scroll down and select Explore the horizon results platform. You can use any of the Quick Searches, or use the Search all results button to define your search criteria.

    Click on the action below to continue reading according to what you need to do in relation with the results of your project.


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