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    Table of contents

    Table of Contents

    Important Links

    For full information on the business associated with proposal submission and evaluation, and on how your proposal will be evaluated, please see the Online Manual.

    For full information on how to use the Proposal Submission System see the Proposal Submission tab on the Proposals page.

    For full information on how to use the Evaluation System to remotely evaluate a proposal (for Expert Evaluators only) please see the Expert Evaluation of Proposals tab on the Experts page.

    For information on how the evaluation results will be communicated, see the section below and consult the Notifications section under Grant Management Services:


    After the submission of your proposal, the European Commission will evaluate your proposal. You will be notified of each step of the proposal management and grant preparation process, starting with the notification of the evaluation results (the evaluation can take up to five months). 

    These notifications will be available in Your Notifications in your area in the Funding & Tenders Portal, explaining how to access the Grant Management Services tool. 

    Overview of the Grant Agreement Preparation process and its tasks

    Process Timeline
    Available tasks
    Viewable by
    Your proposal has been submitted. None Not applicable Not applicable Yes

    You have been informed about the final evaluation results. None Not applicable Not applicable Yes

    Proposals which have been positively evaluated will be invited to continue the Grant Preparation.
    1. Edit Grant Agreement data
    2. Sign Declaration of Honour


    Grant Agreement is ready to be signed by the Coordinator
    1. Sign Declaration of Honour (if not done yet)
    2. Sign Grant Agreement by the Coordinator


    The Grant Agreement is signed by the Coordinator and the European Commission. Sign Accession Forms by all beneficiaries (except the Coordinator)


    The prefinancing payment has been made. None Not applicable Not applicable Yes

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