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This is the home page for all information on Expert tasks.
  • Click the Expert Registration, Contract Management and Contract Payments tab for information on registering to work as an expert, signing and managing expert contracts, and submitting payment requests.

  • Click the Expert Evaluation of Proposals tab for information on how to use the evaluation tool to evaluate proposals remotely.

  • Click the Project Review tab for information on monitoring of projects and experts.

  • Click the Search Experts tab for information on the Expert Search application in the Funding & Tenders Portal.

    This is the home page for Expert Management in the Funding & Tenders Portal space.

    Table of Contents:

    This is the home page for the Expert Proposal Evaluation.

    Table of Contents




    The preconditions for monitoring are the signature of the Grant Agreement by the Coordinator and the EU.     

    There are two types of monitoring in the Grant Management Services in the Funding & Tenders Portal:

    • Project monitoring for consortium
    • Project monitoring for experts

    The project monitoring process consists of several phases: 

    • For the coordinator: 
      • Logging in to the Funding & Tenders Portal when you have received a notification

      • The coordinator uploads a reply to the assignment of experts letter received from the EU

    • For the experts: 
      • All experts edit their own Individual Review Report and submit it to the rapporteur.

      • The rapporteur edits the Final Review Report and submits it to the EU. 

    • Final steps:
      • The EU reviews the submitted Final Review Report 

      • The Coordinator can contest the assessment of the EU.

    Process description and steps

    Supported Types of Action 

    The project monitoring process is currently supported for all H2020 types of action (except for ERC-ADG, ERC-COG, ERC-LVG, ERC-POC, ERC-STG and FPA). 


    The ECS Search Facility allows a user with the appropriate permissions to search the database for experts with particular profile characteristics.

    Accessing the ESC Search facility

    To Access the Search facility, launch ECS Back Office. Then choose Search from the Experts menu.

    Overview of the interface

    The ECS Search interface can be divided into three main areas.

    1. The Search Expert area
    2. The Save search area
    3. The Search Results area.

    We will examine each area in detail.

    1. The Search Experts area

    When you first access the ECS Search facility, the Search Experts area is in “Collapsed” mode, displaying one search field:

    Click the Down Arrow to expand it.

    Search criteria

    As you can see from the image above, you can apply many different criteria in your expert search:

    The General Search Field: Enter any criteria from the expert’s profile: Name, Candidature number, keywords, education, publications, etc.

    Nationality: Click the arrows on the right-hand side of the Show experts from, and/or Exclude experts from fields, and select the relevant country from the list. You can choose to Show only experts from a particular country and/or exclude experts from a particular country.
    Age: Click the Age option, then move the left and right-hand sliders to select your desired age range.

    Publications: Click the Publications option, then move the left and right-hand sliders to select your desired publication date range.

    Professional Experience: Select the desired range of professional experience. There are four options:

    Organisation type: Select the desired organisation type. There are four options:

    Other Options: Under other options, there are three items:

    Experience in reviewing projects: Experts who have reviewed projects previously.

    Recently active profile: Experts whose profiles have been active in the last 36 months.

    Is not a potential duplicate: Profiles that are potential duplicates will be ignored. It is best to avoid duplicate profiles.

    Gender: There are two options:

    Programme Opt-in: Click the arrows on the right-hand side of the field and select the desired programme from the list. Only experts who have selected that programme will be included in the results.

    When you have entered all your search criteria, click the Search button.

    2. The Save Search area

    As you enter your search criteria in the Search Experts area, they are displayed in the Save Search area.

    If you wish to save a certain set of criteria, enter them in the Search Experts area, then click the Save icon in the Save Search area.


    1. Enter your search criteria in the Search Expert

      Your search criteria appear in the Save Search area.

    2. Enter a name for your search criteria set…
    3. …then click the Save
      Your saved search criteria set appears beneath the Save Search area, which has returned to its default state.

    Note:   The maximum number of possible of saved search criteria sets is 10. If you have saved 10 items and you save a new one, it will appear at the top of the list. But the item that was previously 10th in the list will disappear.

    • To re-use a saved search criteria set, click anywhere in the panel. Your search criteria will be automatically entered in the Search Expert area.

    • To delete a saved search criteria set, click the “X” in the top right-hand corner of the panel.

    3. The Search Results area

    The Search Results area displays the results of your search. The number of profiles found is appears in the top left-hand corner of the area.

    The result can be displayed as a list or as cards. This is controlled by the icon beside the Sort by button in the top-right-hand corner of the area.

    Click the display as list icon:


    Click the display as cards icon:


    You can also sort your results by name, professional experience, nationality, gender, age and year of publication.

    Note:    The More info button is currently inactive but in a future release will link to the My CV page of the relevant expert.

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