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Getting Started

Funding and Tenders Portal

The Funding and Tenders Portal is the single entry point for participants and experts in the funding programmes and tenders managed by the European Commission and other EU bodies. You can browse and search information through the portal without logging in, but to apply for funding, you will need to authenticate with your EU Login. If you do not have an EU Login account, create one now.

Once you have created your account, you may sign in. You now see the left-side navigation menu. This is your personalised area within the Portal, from which you have access to the different systems you need in each step within the process of applying for funding or tenders.

The left-side navigation menu

The different sections within the left-side navigation menu are:

  1. My Person Profile
  2. My Organisation(s)
  3. Grants
    1. My Proposal(s)
    2. My Project(s)
  4. Procurement
    1. My Submission(s)
    2. My Contract(s)
    3. My Invitation(s)
  5. My Audits
  6. My Formal Notifications
  7. My Expert Area
  8. Results
    1. My Intervention(s)
  9. My Task(s)

Use the  icon on the left expand or collapse the information available under your personalized area.

The left-side navigation menu displays only existing data for the user. This means that if you did not register as an expert, you will not see My Expert Area; if you do not have a role in any proposals, you will not see My Proposal(s), if you do not have a role in any project, you will not see My Project(s), and so on.

My Person Profile

This section is used to maintain a personal profile which you can, later, decide to share or not with the Portal Community. When sharing it with the community, other users will able to search individual profiles to initiate collaborative actions, in a similar way as you can search for partners (organisations)

For more information, see My Person Profile.

My Organisation(s)

This section lists all organisations for which you have taken part in a any proposal, project or contract. The list covers all organisations for which your name was used as contact at certain point, whether it is an organisation you register yourself, or that was registered by someone else.

Select My Organisation(s) from your area. Then click the button Actions on the right side of your organisation. Depending on your role for that organisation and the status of the organisation, you will have different actions from which you can chose.  

Non-validated organisations

The available options for non-validated organisations are:

  • View Organisation. It takes you to the Participant register where you can view the data of your organisation.
  • Modify Organisation. It takes you to the Participant register where you can update the data of your organisation.
  • Edit Organisation Roles. It allows Self-registrants to appoint additional Self-registrants.
  • View Partner Search Profile. I allows you to manage the Partner Search for your organisation.

Access to projects and proposals

If your organisation holds the declared status and you want to check your existing proposals, you can access via the My Proposal(s) icon under your personalized area. Same for projects, formal notifications, etc., access them through the specific module on the left.

Validated organisations

In this second example, the organisation is valid, and I am the LEAR / Account Administrator of the organisation. The available options (be aware that only the ones where you have data display; in the example image, some of them are missing) in this case are :

  • View Organisation. It takes you to the Participant register where you can view the data of your organisation.
  • Modify Organisation. It takes you to the Participant register where you can update the data of your organisation.
  • View Roles. It lists the roles for your organisation and allows you to add new roles, such as appoint an Account Administrator, a Legal/Financial signatory, etc.
  • View Proposals. It takes you to the proposals in which your organisation is involved.
  • View Projects. It lists the projects in which your organisation is involved.
  • Manage processes. This option takes you to the organisation management system page where you can handle this kind of processes.
  • View Partner Search Profile. I allows you to manage the Partner Search for your organisation.

For more information about the My Organisation(s) section, see My Organisations.


This section comprises two different subsections: My Proposal(s) and My Project(s).

Please make sure to log in with the account to which the proposal(s)/project(s) you want to access is/are assigned.

Also, note that if you see the Loading data sentence on your screen while trying to open these pages, this might be linked to the fact that you do not have a role in the proposal/project. In this case, please see the Roles and access rights page.

My Proposal(s)

Any proposal, submitted or not, in which you have been appointed as a contact of one of the participants, will be listed in the My Proposal(s) page. To view your proposal(s), select My Proposal(s) from your personalized area on the left, then click on the Actions button. For more information about managing your proposals, see Submit a proposal.

Please note, any selected proposal for which the Grant agreement has not been signed yet will have to be managed via the My Proposal(s) page. If the proposal is in the Final status, i.e. has been submitted and the call is closed, you will have to select Follow-up, which will launch the Grant Management Services (GMS). For information about GMS, see Grant Management Services tool.

My Project(s)

Any projects for which a Grant agreement has been signed will appear listed in the My Project(s) page. To view your projects, select My Project(s) from your personalized area and select the Manage Project option under the Actions button beside the relevant project

When you select Manage Consortium, you will access the consortium page, where you can manage the roles of your organisation on level of the project. See How to assign or revoke roles for more information.

When you select Manage Project, you will access the Grant Management Services (GMS). For information about GMS, see Grant Management Services tool.


Note for LEARs and Account Administrators

Even if you are the LEAR or the account administrator of the organisation, you cannot display the details of proposals and projects in which your organisation is participating, but only for the ones where you have a role within the proposal/project. However, you can ask to be granted read access both to projects and to proposals:



For information on the procurement section please consult the Funding & Tenders Portal eProcurement Wiki.

My Audits

This section is available when there is an audit for one of your projects, and both the audit file has been assigned to a team and a person of the organisation has been granted access to the same team. Otherwise, the audit will not appear in the section. For more information, please see Audit management services (My Audits).

For Audit firms, the same section will be in use, but the audit needs to have been assign to a team as well as the auditors need to have been granted access to the same team. Otherwise, the auditor will not see the audit in the section.

See How to assign or revoke roles for information for auditees and AUDIT firm roles for information for audit firms.

To view your audits, select My Audits from the left and you will arrive to a page displaying all your audits. Then click the Action button and select Access Audit to access your audit processes in the Audit Management Services (AMS). Access is available only for specific roles.

If your organisation is being audited and you are either the LEAR of the organisation or an Audit Contact, you can also access and manage the audit processes in the Audit Management Services (AMS) via My Organisation(s) and the Audit Management option under Actions.

My Formal Notification(s)

Formal Notifications (FN), i.e. messages which need to be acknowledged by the participant, are displayed in a specific section within the left-side navigation menu. To view your formal notifications, select My Formal Notification(s) from your personalized area on the left and you will arrive to a page displaying all your formal notifications. 

The number next to My Formal Notification(s) indicates the number of notifications that needs to be acknowledged and does not include the unread ones:

Formal Notifications (FN) are not really just an electronic message, but a letter document in PDF format that you need to sign for acknowledgement. Click the Formal Notification to access it. You will be requested to sign by entering your EU Login credentials (acknowledgement) and will be able to download it.

Once signed in, the following screen appears:

You can download the document by clicking on the arrow under Action. Going back to the previous page, the status has changed to read and the details (date and time) when the notification has been acknowledged, are displayed in the last column:

You need to know that the notifications expire after 15 days by default (30 days for EACEA only).  

A notification can show different status:

  • Receipt not yet acknowledged: notification well received but you need to acknowledge it first by downloading the notification
  • Read: the document has been downloaded
  • Unread: the notification has been acknowledged but not read yet
  • Expired: too late to be acknowledged (you have passed the 15 days deadline) 

More about Formal Notifications

Formal Notifications are sent in the context of specific business process.

Validation of the organisations do not involve Formal Notifications, the messages are sent to the registered email address of the self-registrant and they are also available in Participant register. See Messages for more information.

My Expert Area

Available when you have created an Expert profile. See Work as an expert for more information.


My Intervention(s) and the rest of sections within the Results section are applicable specifically to the EU External Action programme. Please consult the EXACT - EU External Action Wiki for more information.

My Task(s)

This is not a section in itself, but a shortcut to any outstanding actions you need to undertake for any of the processes. In the future, whenever you have an outstanding action, you will see it listed under this section until you fulfil the tasks linked to the action. Currently, this is implemented for some Procurement actions and for the Participant register data updates.

Securing your area in the Portal

It is possible to set up a extra layer of security when accessing the information available under your personalized area, which is called 2-step verification. See Two-factor authentication in the Funding & Tenders Portal for more information.

Notifications in the Portal

The Portal offers a notification system through which you receive messages (called PNS) from the different processes in which you are participating. The messages can be addressed to you (your action is needed) or for information (you are informed about processes but no action is required).

To view your notifications, click on the bell icon on the right. The red number is the amount of unread notifications. When clicking on the icon, a panel will open on the right, where you can click on an item to open a specific notification.

 If you want to see all the received notifications, then click on Manage all notifications at the bottom of the list of notifications and your inbox with all the notifications will be displayed.

In most of these notifications, there is a disclaimer that allows you to report the notification as a spam.

Please note that if you receive only a low amount of notifications, this is not considered as a spam:

For more information about managing your notifications via the Portal, see How to manage your notifications.