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Audit firms information

These pages concern only to the audit firms and NOT to the beneficiaries being audited.

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Audit Management System for external audit firms

For the outsourced Audit process, the external audit firms will undertake a set of actions in AMS ( Audit Management System).  For an auditor to access an specific audit in AMS, the Primary external auditor or an external auditor administrator from the audit firm will have to assign the audit and auditors to a team. Then, the auditors will access the audit file in AMS and perform the different actions depending on the step of the process in which the audit is.

For information about the roles, see AUDIT firm roles.

For information about the whole process to be done for the outsourced audit by the audit firm, see Outsourced audit — steps for audit firms.


The communication between the external audit firm and the auditee is done through the step 3 (contradictory procedure) of the outsourced audit process, and the communication between the external audit firm and the EU services is done through the steps 2 (PAR), 4 (DAR) and 5 (FAR) of the outsourced audit process.

The external audit firm has not possibility to send any additional formal notification via AMS neither to the EU services nor the auditee outside the corresponding contradictory procedure or the Audit Reports within each step.

The external audit firm, however, may receive formal notifications from the EU, which need to be acknowledged,. For more information on acknowledging a Formal Notification see:

Outsourced audits

For the outsourced audits, the audit details will display both the audit details for the audited organisation and a subsection containing the details of the external audit firm. Click on Show audit details to see them.

Note that under the audit representatives of both the audited and external audit organisations the names of the people working on that audit in both sides will be listed, should you need to liaise with the other party outside the established procedures in AMS. Click on the name to send a message.