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Submit a proposal


The proposal submission process

It is very important that you familiarize yourself with the overall research and innovation grant process by first consulting the How to participate page on the Funding & Tenders Portal. There you will find a wealth of information, including the Online Manual and numerous Reference Documents, the Participant register, and a comprehensive set of support documentation. Please read through all these resources prior to starting your Submission process.

Proposal submission preparatory checklist

In preparation for your online application submission process, you must go through the following steps:

  1. Decide on the funding opportunity that you want to apply for. Funding Opportunities are categorised as Calls, Topics and Types of Actions.
  2. Select your Participants. Most calls require a consortium. Relevant information can be found on the Funding & Tenders Portal.
  3. Register as a user in the European Commission Authentication Service (EU Login). See How to authenticate with EU Login for more information.
  4. All organisations participating in a proposal must register in the Participant register through the Funding & Tenders Portal and receive a Participant Identification Code (PIC). Additional information is available in Register an organisation.

All organisations participating need to be registered. There is no need for the organisation to have been validated previously by the European Commission, since the validation of the organisations in consortia happens only when your proposal has been selected for funding.

Quick steps to the online submission process

The following basic tasks summarise in the online submission process:

Log into the Funding & Tenders Portal and select your topic.

These are actions you perform before actually creating your proposal. See How to authenticate with EU Login for support on logging in and Find a call to see how to select a topic.

Create a draft for your proposal.

See Create proposal for full details on how to create the draft.

Manage Participants (i.e. proposal consortium). The participants will be invited to the process by the system.

Once you have created and saved the draft, you are able to manage your consortium. See Participants for support performing this task.

Edit the proposal draft form.

Edit the proposal form and complete all required information. Engage the other participants to maintain their organisation contacts and the details in the corresponding sections of the proposal form Part A. This task is explained in Proposal forms.

Upload Part B and the rest of annex files and submit your proposal.

Additional to the Part A (main proposal form), all calls require a so called Part B. This is a set of templates specific to the call that you will need to download, complete and upload back in your proposal. This task is explained in Proposal forms.

For submitting the proposal, see Submit.

Following submission, you can update, download or withdraw your proposal until closure date is reached.

While the call remains open, you can always update your proposal and submit again. Please remember that, after submitting, any changes to the proposal will require that you submit it again.

Accessing your draft and submitted proposals

You can access your saved proposal drafts as well as your submitted proposals at any time, from the My Proposal(s) page in the Funding & Tenders Portal (you must be logged in).

Contact and support

For any IT-related problems that you might experience with the submission system, please contact the IT Helpdesk using the form below, and selecting the domain Submission of proposals:

IT Helpdesk contact form in the Funding & Tenders Portal

Once you have started the submission process, additional contact information is available at the different screens of the wizard.