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Work as an expert

The European Commission appoints independent experts to assist with assignments including the evaluation of proposals, the monitoring of actions, and the preparation, implementation or evaluation of programmes, and design of policies.

What information is necessary to work as an expert?

In the new My Experts Area, the EU has simplified profile validation for users (experts or applicants). There is less mandatory information and efforts have been made to avoid introducing the same information twice.

The IT tools have also evolved to support not only experts, but also applicants participating in hearings. For the moment the same information is required for both experts and applicants. If you are using our tools as an applicant, please note that all guidance given for experts is also useful for you.

You have the possibility to delegate administrative tasks such as profile completion, drafting of your request for payment. The submission remains your responsibility.

Data Privacy

By default your profile is visible to all EU institutions and bodies including the European Commission, Executive and Regulatory Agencies, Joint Undertakings (and related programmes) and other EU institutions such as the European Parliament, European Council, Court of Justice of the European Union, European Investment Bank, etc.

You have the option to opt out of programmes that do not interest you.

Experts area dashboard

The Experts Area Dashboard gives the expert an overview of all information, and allows easy access to their profile, contracts, payments and tasks.  

  • On the left-hand side there is a menu allowing you to directly access the main areas of the Expert Registration, Contracting and Payment functionalities.

  • Below the Welcome banner, the Active Tasks panel displays a list of tasks you need to perform. Click the task and you will be taken to the relevant area of the system to complete that task.

  • Below the Active Tasks panel, the Contracts and Payments panels are displayed. Clicking either will bring you to the relevant section. These panels display how many contracts and payments you have and the status of each.

  •  Below the Contracts and Payments panels, there is a panel of icons providing access to all aspects of your profile.

    When all the obligatory fields within a section of your profile are completed a green tick will appear next to it.

  • Contextual help for each section has been made available in the upper right hand side of the screen. By clicking on the information icon a new screen will open, containing a step by step guidance for that specific page.

  • There is a counter located at the top right-hand side of the screen telling you how complete your profile is, and if necessary encouraging you to update and add to it to increase your chances of being selected as an EU expert.


  • Below this indication, there is a Delegation link on the right-hand side of the screen which takes you to page on the Funding & Tenders Portal where you can delegate specific tasks to another person, such as an assistant, who can perform those delegated actions on your behalf.

Managing delegations

To delegate profile creation to another person, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the Delegation link.

    The My expert area page appears in the Funding and Tenders Portal.

  2. Scroll down to the My delegations section, then click the Delegate Profile button.

  3. Enter the details for your delegate. Then click Submit.

    Your delegate appears in the list.

    In the right hand column, you can see anyone who has selected you as a delegate.
    To revoke delegations that you have given or received, click the relevant Revoke button.

    To work on behalf of a user who has delegated you to do so, click the Access profile button.

Information for candidates

A candidate is a person invited by the EU internal services to attend a meeting as part of the evaluation of a proposal in which the candidate participates. This differs from being an expert, as an expert is contracted to perform certain tasks for the EU, and always has the possibility to claim fees for days worked. This is not the case with a candidate, who has no official contract and cannot claim fees, but can claim daily and nightly allowances, where appropriate, and reimbursement for travel expenses.
As a candidate you will be invited to participate via an email. In this email, you will also receive a URL (web address) leading to the specific registration page for candidates.
The registration process is the same than the one of the expert except that you will not have to complete the programme opt-in information.
Once registered, you will receive an ad-hoc notification explaining that you can visit the dashboard.

In the ECS dashboard, there are three items that are specific to candidates:

  • In the left menu, the item normally called Contracts is renamed Invitations.
  • In the center of the screen, the box normally called Contracts is renamed Invitations. This box will display the number of invitations.
  • In the right-hand corner there is a button Become an expert above an explanation of what the candidate must do to become an expert.