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Follow up your proposal

To follow your proposal you need to access My Proposal(s) within the-left-side navigation menu in the Portal. You find a list of your proposals here, regardless if it has been submitted or not.

The Proposals you see in the list are the ones where you have granted a role for one of the participant organisations, so the actions you can perform in each one depends on the role. Consult Proposal roles and access rights for more information.

To follow the proposal, please click on Actions and select Follow-up.

The period for which the proposals will be available under My Proposal(s) depends on the current status.

Submitted proposals:

They remain accessible all the time. If they are successfully evaluated, they will become a project, and they will be accessible via the My Project(s) once a proposal has been selected for funding.

If they are unsuccessfully evaluated (i.e., the proposal is found not eligible, etc.), they will remain visible under My Proposal(s) in "final" status for 3/5 years (varies from programme to programme) after call closure.

Draft proposals (never submitted):

They remain visible all the time before call closure. After call closure, drafts will remain visible for 90 days in read mode (please note that the amount of days can differ from one call to another).

Users can remove the drafts or withdrawn proposals from the list via the Delete Proposal action. Should this be the case, the proposal will disappear from My Proposal(s) and cannot be retrieved any more.

Withdrawn proposals (submitted at least once, but withdrawn afterwards):

Withdrawn proposals remain accessible until call closure. After call closure, most of the withdrawn proposals will remain visible for 90 days (please note that the amount of days can differ from one call to another).

Note: There are some calls with multiple submission deadlines. In those cases, your draft/withdrawn proposal will be listed as draft/withdrawn proposal for the following call closure date.

Remember that the system does not keep versions of the same proposal. You have access to the last edited/submitted/withdrawn version only.

During evaluation period

In some cases, you could be invited to provide additional information about the proposal during the evaluation phase. See Right to React Report / Rebuttal for more information.

Please note that this process exists only for specific Calls. In any case, the proposal coordinator will be informed when this process applies.

After evaluation period

Once the evaluation phase is over, the applicants will be informed whether their proposal has been selected for funding or not.

If the proposal has been rejected and you do NOT agree with the rejection reason, you can file a redress case. See Redress for more information.

If your proposal has been selected and you are invited to prepare the grant agreement,  a new phase starts and you are at the Grant Management phase. See Manage your grant for more information.

Also, note that you will not access your project any more via the My Proposals section, but you will have it listed now under My Projects. Click on Actions, Manage project to Access the Grant Management Services System

Pre-award procedures only

In some cases, the F&T is used only for the pre-award procedure (i.e. submission and evaluation of the proposal phase) but the Grant Management System (GMS) is not used to handle the grant preparation. In those cases the proposal will remain under My Proposal(s) and will not move to the My Project(s) section. Should you be in this situation, you will receive a letter with further instructions on how to proceed with your grant preparation.

This is the case for opportunities under the European Parliament (EP) Programme, for instance.