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Roles & Access Rights

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Roles: Proposal Coordinator, Participant and Contact Person

The submission roles are not managed via the Portal Manage roles action like the organisation, project nor audit roles (see Roles and access rights) but they are managed in the proposal itself when creating/editing a proposal.

The roles that are available in the system are the Proposal Coordinator, Partners. The Proposal Coordinator and each of the Partners have a Main Contact and can optionally have one or more additional Contact Persons. Depending on the proposal you participate in, you might act on behalf of one or more of these roles and your current role will determine the actions you will be able to carry out, as well as determine the information that you will be required to provide.

  • Proposal Coordinator: the proposal coordinator acts as the single point of contact between the participants (i.e. all partners in the consortium) and the EU for any given proposal. The proposal coordinator is generally the organisation responsible for the overall planning of the proposal; for building up the consortium that will do the proposal administration work in the submission system. The main contact of the proposal coordinator will became later the primary coordinator contact of the project if funding is awarded to the proposal.
  • Partner (or participant): if you are a partner in a proposal, you will be invited by the proposal coordinator. The contacts of the partners which are granted full access rights can fill the administrative forms that contain the contact and address details of their organisation.
  • Partners may also have Affiliated Entities linked to them (through a permanent legal or capital link or as members of an association; former Linked Third Parties). Affiliated Entities are allowed to fully participate in the grant and claim costs. They must comply with all eligibility conditions (same as a partner). At level of the proposal, there are no contacts to be provided for affiliated entities, and therefore, they cannot take any administrative actions in the electronic proposal (the partner linked to the affiliated entity does all the administrative work in the proposal form). If applicable, you add the affiliated entities for an organisation via the corresponding button in the Participants step.

  • Associated Partners: this kind of participating organisation contributes to the project but cannot claim costs. They are normally not linked to any partner and do not need to comply with the eligibility conditions. At level of the proposal, you do not define any contacts for this kind of partner, and you use a different button in the Participants step to add the associated partners in the consortium. Only the contacts with full access rights of the proposal coordinator can add associated partners to a proposal:

  • Contact Person: optionally, a proposal coordinator or a partner may decide to delegate some of the work involved in filling in or reviewing parts of the proposal submission forms to one or more additional Contact Persons in their organisation. You can grant each contact person full access rights or read-only access to the forms data. A contact person from any partner other than the coordinator will only be entitled to edit/view the parts of the proposal that their organisation is responsible for.


A contact person with full access rights cannot change their own access rights level to 'read-only' – this can only be done by the proposal coordinator main contact or any user from the coordinator with full access rights.
A contact person with access rights to a proposal will be notified whenever they are deleted from the list of contacts pertaining to an organisation. When an entire organisation (including all of their contacts) is deleted, all contact persons will receive an email informing them that their access rights to this particular proposal have been revoked.
  • Calls with Specific Contact Roles: most calls use the standard Main Contact and Contact person roles for the Proposal Coordinator organisation. However, some calls may require more specific roles, such as Principal Investigator, Main Host Institution Contact, Researcher, Supervisor, Applicant, and so on. Calls of this type are pre-configured accordingly so that the proposal submission forms for them contain special sections to address the specific roles and the respective data as needed.

Changing main contact information

Only one Main Contact is allowed for each organisation. However, for business reasons, you may need to change the Main Contact person details after the initial Main Contact assignment. For example, you can edit the Main Contact details of the existing person, or you can assign an existing Contact Person as the Main Contact replacing the original one, or you can first delete the Main Contact and then add a new one, etc.

When the information about the existing Main Contact changes (or when you delete it), the system will display a confirmation prompt warning you that you would lose the previous Main Contact data. If you change an existing Contact Person as a Main Contact, or if you add a new contact person in the Main Contact role, the previous Main Contact will automatically become a Contact Person – the two roles will be reversed.

Role rights

Differences between a Proposal Coordinator and a Participant actions:


Proposal Coordinator


Select the call



Add, Invite Participants



Submit the proposal



Read complete proposal



Define the budget tables


Yes (if full access has been selected for the contact), with rights to fill in only the row for their organisation.

Create Contacts for a Partner


Yes (if full access has been selected for the contact), with rights to fill in only the information for their organisation.

Roles after a proposal becomes a project

Type of participantProposal roleBecomes following project roleHow is it assigned
CoordinatorMain ContactPrimary Coordinator Contact (PCoCo)Automatically assigned to the initiator of the application who submits the proposal to the EU
CoordinatorContact Person with full rightsCoordinator Contact (CoCo)Manually assigned, first by the main contact, then a Contact person can appoint other contact persons
CoordinatorContact Person with read accessTeam Member (TeMe)Manually assigned.
ParticipantMain ContactParticipant Contact (PaCo)Manually assigned by the main contact/ contact person of the coordinator.
ParticipantContact Person with full rightsParticipant Contact (PaCo)Manually assigned by the main contact/contact person of the coordinator or the main contact of the participant organisation.
ParticipantContact Person with read accessTeam Member (TeMe)Manually assigned by the main contact/contact person of the coordinator or the main contact/ contact person with full rights of the participant organisation.