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Table of Contents: Periodic Reporting

Process description and steps

The general concepts of the Grant Management Services system also apply to the reporting process. For a detailed description of the roles mentioned in this process, see the Roles and access rights in the H2020 Online Manual.

Step 1: All beneficiaries receive a notification and log on to the Funding & Tenders Portal. 

At the end of the scientific reporting period, beneficiaries will receive a notification to complete:

  • Their contribution to the Scientific Part (this is common for all beneficiaries in the project)

To fill in the information the beneficiary must log on to the Funding & Tenders Portal and access the relevant project. 

In the right-hand side of your screen, in the process list, you will find the Scientific Reporting process.

(warning) In the left-upper corner of the process box, a link to the Scientific Reporting will lead you to an overview of the Scientific Report. 


A. Completing your contribution to the Scientific Report

a. Complete the Scientific Part

(info) The Participant Contact usually performs this action (also users with the roles Project Financial Signatories, Coordinator Contacts, Primary Coordinator Contacts and Task Managers can perform this action.)

Click on the task "Scientific part contribution" to complete the requested information. (lightbulb) Click here to find more information on how to complete your scientific part of the scientific report. The principle of the scientific part is that all beneficiaries contribute to it. When two participants are working on the same data, the data of the beneficiary saving first, will be saved, whilst the other participant receives a notification that the data have been changed and that his data are lost.

Then click the Save button. Then close the current screen and return to the Funding & Tenders Portal. The validation button can give you an overview of errors which prevent you from saving. 

aa. Lock the Scientific Report for review 

(info) Only users with the role Coordinator Contact and Primary Coordinator Contact can perform this action. 

Click the Lock for Review button, which will prevent further editing and generate a pdf document ((warning)This might take a few minutes: keep refreshing the page to see the pdf). 


Check the box to indicate that you want to Lock for review and click ok

The locking for review is being processed. 

Keep refreshing the page to finalise the locking. 

aaa. Review the Scientific report and accept and include it for submission to the EU

(info)  Only users with the role Coordinator Contact and Primary Coordinator Contact perform this action. 

((warning) Note that also users with the roles Financial Signatories, Legal Signatories, Task Managers and Team Members can open the pdf to see the data, but that they can't unlock the data, nor accept & include the report))

Click the Scientific Part pdf to review it. 

Once the pdf clicked, a drop down menu will open. Click on the pdf you would like to review. 

Once reviewed, the Scientific Report can be unlocked by clicking the Unlock to draft button for further editing or accepted and included by clicking the Accept & Include button (you might have to refresh the page to see the buttons appear). 

The accept & include action is being processed. 

Keep refreshing the page to finalise the action. 

The metro line is still in draft at this point.

Step 3: The Coordinator approves the Scientific Report & submits to the EU.

(info) Only users with the role Coordinator Contact and Primary Coordinator Contact can perform this action. 

The Coordinator must review and approve the Scientific Report, which he wishes to submit to the EU.

Click the Scientific Report task to review the report. 

The report composition opens. Click the Scientific Part to review the individual pdfs of the report. 

The coordinator can:

  • reject the Scientific Part back to a beneficiary for further editing  (by clicking the  button). Once the redo button clicked, the status of the report goes back to draft. 
  • submit the Scientific Report to the EU (by clicking the Submit to EU button

The button will be disabled if there are validation errors. 
Confirm that you want to submit the scientific report by clicking the ok button. 

The submit to EU action is being processed. 

Keep refreshing the page to finalise the action. 

The process goes to the status Submitted and the process box turns blue (this means the process is in the hands of the EU now). 

You can still view the submitted Scientific Report by clicking on the Process specific documents. 

Step 4: The EU reviews the submitted Scientific Report and accepts or rejects it.  

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