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Send LEAR data to Validation

After requesting the LEAR Recovery, you will receive an email with further instructions. Please, use the link from the received email within 3 days, or the request will expire and you will need to make a new request.

Undertake the following actions to complete your request:

1.In the email you receive, click the link to access the wizard.

2.Click Add LEAR to access the wizard.


In the following screen, provide the details of the LEAR as registered in EU Login. It could be your own EU Login details, or someone else's.

If the email address is not registered yet with EU Login, you will have the possibility to send an invitation email to the future LEAR to register first (the system will send it automatically after clicking next) . You cannot finish the LEAR appointment until the person registers. 

If the provided email address and name combination exists in EU Login but there are differences between your input and EU Login data, you will be invited to correct the details.


In the following screen, enter the LEAR data and click Next.

Pay attention to the mobile phone (last field). When being nominated as LEAR of an organisation, your account as LEAR needs to be activated. For such an aim, you will receive an activation PIN code. Providing a mobile phone number allows you to receive the PIN code via SMS.

(info) For more information about LEAR activation, please click here.

5.Enter the details of the Legal Representative data and click on Next.


In the final screen, provide the LEAR documents. You click on the pencil on the right to upload each document, and then, browse to select a document from your computer, and confirm the selection by clicking on Upload. These are the different documents you need to provide:

  • The LEAR appointment document. Download the template, sign it, and then, scan the signed copy and upload it via the red pencil button on the right.
  • The LEAR identity document. If the Legal Representative is not the same as the LEAR, you will need to upload the identity of each one separately.
  • Download the Declaration of Consent to the Terms and Conditions of the Funding & Tender Portal, sign it, scan it and upload the signed copy.
  • Finally, upload a Legal Representative authorisation.

(lightbulb) When you upload a document, the pencil will turn yellowish instead of reddish. You can download the document to check if it is the correct one by clicking on the hyperlink on the left of the pencil button, except for the ID documents, which cannot be previewed.

(warning) The category Other documents is used only if Validation Services requests you to provide more documentation, you do not need to upload any document under this category when submitting your request for the first time.

When all documents have been uploaded, click on Submit and then on Yes when being asked if they are uploaded under the correct document type.

You can save as draft, but a draft, if not submitted within 10 days after saving it, it will expire and you will have to initiate a new request.


Back in the wizard, you will see that the status of your request is Submitted.

You can modify the details by clicking on the Edit button. Please note, try to avoid editing unless that there is an error to correct or if you are requested by Validation Services to do so, since each time you edit and submit, the Validation of the LEAR will be triggered from the start point.

Communicating with Validation Services

Once the request is sent to validation, you can access the wizard through the link you received via email. To get in contact with Validation Services:

  1. Click on the Create a new message button.
  2. Specify your subject and write the message.
  3. Click on Send. After sending, you can always follow the answers by going back to the recovery wizard (use the link in the email your received or via My notifications in the Funding and Tenders Portal).  

Validation Services can also get in contact with you. Access the wizard by clicking the link you received by email, and click on the arrow to open the message. Use Reply within the message to send your answer.

If you need to upload additional documents or substitute one of the submitted documents, you need to do it using the wizard:

Close the message and then click the Edit button to open the wizard.

Follow the wizard again, and upload the documents by clicking the pencil icon.

To replace a document, click the yellow icon, browse for the new document (1) and click on Upload (2), this will replace the previous document. Do not forget to click on Submit again when you are done, otherwise the change will be saved only as a draft but Validations Services will not be notified that the document has been replaced.

For an additional document, use the category Other documents.

(lightbulb) When the new LEAR has been appointed, please click in the arrow below to read the information about access management of your organisation. Ensuring that you keep an Account Administrators for your organisation will prevent that you end up in a situation where nobody can maintain the organisation data again.

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