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Submit a proposal


Overview submission of the proposal

In the previous step, Proposal forms, click on Submit. This will take you to the Submit screen. Reaching this screen means that your proposal has been successfully submitted and therefore sent to the European Commission services for evaluation (evaluations are programmed and executed once the call is closed).

In this screen, you can carry out the following actions, as indicated in the picture below:

Update the proposal

If you need to revise your proposal, click the button to go back to Proposal forms. The Proposal Coordinator may continue to modify the proposal and submit revised versions overwriting each preceding one right up until the deadline.


It will not be possible to edit proposals for calls which are already closed.

If the call is not closed yet, you can make your changes after having clicked Update proposal, but do not forget to click on Submit again, otherwise the updated version will not be sent to the EU.

eReceipt: download the submitted proposal package

After submission of the proposal, it is advised to download your proposal in order to check that it has been correctly submitted.

A digitally signed and time-stamped version of the latest submitted version of your proposal can be viewed/downloaded.

Click the button to download your proposal.


Depending on the volume of proposals submitted, this signed and time stamped version can take from a few seconds up to several hours to be visible in the submission application. If you cannot wait, alternatively you can go back to the Proposal forms and use the print-preview button to download the form A, except if the call has reached already the deadline and the status is closed.

Withdraw a submitted proposal

If your proposal is withdrawn, it will not be considered for evaluation. However, the system will keep the proposal draft and the withdraw action may be reversed by re-submitting the proposal before the call deadline. You will have to enter a reason for the withdrawal.

When a proposal is withdrawn, a message is displayed on the screen informing that the proposal currently holds that status. An e-mail is also sent to the Proposal Coordinator, including the details of the withdrawn proposal. Note that the e-mail might get lost in your spam folder or get blocked by the anti-spam system of your organisations, so make sure that you check for it as needed.

To complete this action, click on the button.

If you wish to withdraw a proposal after the deadline, you need to request it via the IT Helpdesk.

For more information see the Online Manual.