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Submit a proposal


Enter the participants in the proposal

In the step Participants, you can add, remove, and manage additional partner organisations and their contact persons (roles), i.e. manage the consortium of the proposal. You, as coordinator of the proposal, can also edit the contact person details of both the coordinator organisation and participant organisations.

In order to manage the Participants, click on Continue with this proposal after the Create proposal screen.

Alternatively, you can also access this step from the list of your proposals from the Funding & Tenders Portal, click on the Actions button next to the proposal and select Edit Draft:

Then click on the Back to Participants list button:

Add a participant

Click on the Add Partner button to add an organisation to the proposal:

In the Find your organisation pop-up, look for the organisation by name or PIC and click on Search:

Before you can invite a Partner, the organisation must be registered with the European Commission (i.e. have a PIC, see the Submission Preparatory Checklist and refer your Partner to the Register an organisation page for more information). Without a PIC number, you will not be able to look for and add the organisation to your proposal.

This will give you a list of organisations matching the term in the search field. Click on the Use button to select the organisation.

The Add contact window will be displayed now. Select the appropriate role for the contact:

Please note that at least one Main Contact must be provided for each partner or following message will be displayed when trying to move to the following step. Not specifying a main contact for each Partner (i.e. clicking on Save anyway in the pop-up message) will block the submission at the final step and will require that you go back to the consortium structure in the wizard later on and validate the Part A again.

Select the access rights that you want to grant to the contact of the Participant organisation. Participant contacts with full access will be able to update their own organisation contacts, and do update/validate their organisation data section and line in the budget table in the form Part A (see Proposal forms).

Changing your own level of access

Once you grant full access rights to a Contact person, they will not be allowed to alter their own access level to 'read-only'. This can only be done by the Proposal Coordinator or by another user with full access rights of the coordinator organisation or the affected organisation.

Fill in the fields and click Add contact. If the Contact persons do not have an EU Login account yet, the system will use the provided email address to send them an invitation and grant them access to the application upon they create their account.


You cannot use the same email address as contact twice in the same proposal:

Repeat the same steps for the remaining Partner organisations. You will see the additional contacts appear in the Partner information section:

Applicable in some cases, add an Affiliated Entity to a partner and/or an Associated Partner to the consortium.

For certain calls, you will also have the possibility to add associated partners to the proposal and affiliated entities linked to any of the organisations in the consortium, by clicking on the Add Affiliated Entity and the Add Associated Partner buttons respectively:

Please note that it is not possible to define contacts for the affiliated entities nor the associated partners, so you will not see the Add contact button for any of these types of organisations. For more information about this kind of participation see Proposal roles and access rights.

The coordinator contacts with full access rights can add/remove affiliated entities to any of the organisations in the consortium and associated partners to the proposal.

The contacts with full access rights of the rest of partners can add/remove affiliated entities only to their own organisation.

If the number of participants is at least 3, you have the possibility to reorder them. To do so, click on Reorder:

Then, a pop-up window appears, where you can change the order of the participants by simply dragging and dropping them using the dots icon:

Finish by clicking on Apply changes.

Save your consortium data.

Click  Save or Save and go to next step at the bottom of the screen to save your consortium data.

At this point, the system will automatically send emails to all the provided participant contacts. The emails include the details of the proposal and links to access it, and if they need to create an EU Login, the link will take them to the EU Login creation screen.

There is a limitation of the amount of new invitations sent per minute (i.e., contacts which will be invited to register an EU Login). To avoid any errors, if you are entering many contacts at the same time, you are advised to save from time to time, instead of saving all changes at once. For instance, click on the Save button after entering about 10 contacts, then proceed entering another 10 contacts and save again, and so on.

Modifying consortium and actions needed in the form Part A (Proposal forms screen)

The consortium data may be changed at any time before the submission. To do so, access your proposal from the Funding & Tenders Portal, click on the Actions button next to the proposal and select Edit Draft:

Once you are in the proposal, you will see the Back to Participants list button; click it in order to display the Participants screen and the Add Partner button:

Any modifications in the consortium require that you (the coordinator, who can do it for all partners, or the main contact of a participating organisation, who can do it only for their own organisation) go to the corresponding participant sections in the form Part A, validates the data and save the form after each change to the consortium structure.

If you are creating the proposal and did not arrive yet to the Proposal forms step, you can ignore the information that follows in this section. If you already edited the form in the Proposal forms step, upon any change in the consortium please follow these steps:

Add or change the new participant organisation and/or the participant contacts.

Click on Save and go to next step at the bottom of the page.

In the Proposal forms screen, click on Edit forms.


In the form, navigate to the Participants section (when opening the form, scroll down to the table of contents and click on Show):

Then, click on Show Participants details for the added/modified partner and fill in the details as usual. You need to do this for each partner added/modified in the proposal consortium. Afterwards, save the form, this will prevent errors in the validation of the proposal before submitting:

If the change was on the contacts of the participants, only the participant section in the form needs to be updated, if new organisations were added, please do the specific changes in the budget table too.

Notifications for contacts

When a contact is added or deleted from the list of contacts for an organisation, they will receive an email informing about the change. If they have been removed as contact, their access rights to a proposal will be revoked.

As a result, this person will no longer be able to view or edit the proposal. If you can no longer view or edit proposals that you were previously able to work on then it is very likely that your profile was deleted from the list of contacts resulting in a revocation of access rights. If this happens, you will be informed by email that your access rights to a particular proposal have been revoked.

Eligibility issues when selecting an organisation (SME status, for profit status, etc.)

If applicable; the submission system may have been configured to provide information about some eligibility requirements, for instance, number of minimum participants in the proposal. It can show also a set of criteria which must be met by the participating organisations depending on each call. For instance, sometimes the participants need to have specific values for their legal status, such as being for profit or being registered as an SME or specific policy values need to be set for their organisation in the Participant register, such as a gender equality plan, in order to submit a proposal for specific calls.

In order to participate with the selected PIC in these cases, the LEAR or the Self-registrant of the participant will need to update the participant's information and , if applicable, submit the supporting documentation to justify the change. For example, for calls that have as eligibility requirement that applicants are categorised as SME, the LEAR/Account Administrator would have to complete the SME Self-Assessment in the Participant register in order to use that organisation in the proposal. Otherwise, the applicant will need to select an organisation matching the requirement in order to participate in those specific calls. To perform this kind of change, please refer to the Participant register online documentation in order to learn how to maintain your organization data.

Applicants are requested to carefully study the eligibility criteria of each call before actually trying to apply for a topic for which they are not eligible.

Note about eligibility messages in the Submission System

Eligibility problems indicated by the submission system are merely illustrative, and it is likely that not all applicable ones are indicated by the tool. Please check the topic page to get to know the exact eligibility conditions applicable to your proposal.