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Completing Continuous Reporting tabs

Which deliverables are displayed

The deliverables entered during the Grant Preparation are displayed here. 


Maximum one file per deliverable should be uploaded (the allowed formats for the file are doc, docx, odt, rtf, pdf, csv, zip). If you wish to upload several files, please create a zip and upload that zip. 


If the deliverable’s due date falls in a given reporting period and the deliverable is not submitted here on time, before the periodic report is "Locked for review" you will be asked to justify the delay.


The status of the deliverable is:  

  • Pending, when a deliverable hasn't been uploaded yet. 
  • Draft, when a deliverable has been uploaded . Once uploaded, a deliverable can be downloaded , deleted or submitted
  • Submitted, when a deliverable has been submitted. You can add a comment (optional) and you are asked to confirm that you wish to submit the deliverable. The date the deliverable has been submitted, will appear in the column "Delivery date". Once the EU Officer has accepted the deliverable, the date he/she accepted will appear in the column "Approval date". 

(warning) Note that only the Primary Coordinator Contact (PCOCO) can Submit deliverables. 

When the status is displayed with a red background ( ) this means that the due date (or the new due date, if revised) has passed. 

Due date 

If necessary, the Project Officer can revise the due date of a deliverable but only if it is not yet submitted (in status 'Pending' or 'Draft') and if the date is in the future.

Delete and replace 

Uploaded deliverables can be deleted and replaced directly. Once a deliverable has been submitted, though, it can't be replaced without an intervention from the Project Officer: he/she has to reject the deliverable first (ask for a revision). Then the deliverable will be in the "pending" status again, and you will be able to upload a new version.

Dissemination levels

  • Public — fully open.
  • Sensitive — limited under the conditions of the Grant Agreement
  • EU classified (EUCI) under Decision 2015/444:

(warning) During continuous reportingThe EUCI deliverables cannot be uploaded and, if they are in status "Pending", they cannot be deleted, submitted or downloaded. Instead, they can be "submitted without upload" after the submission has been done through a secure channel (i.e. by post or via an email address accessible only by the PO and/or a few project managers). To "Submit without upload" a mandatory comment is required (notice that, upon comment submission, a dummy document is automatically uploaded by the system and the delivery date will be the one of the comment submission). The status of the deliverable will become 'Submitted' and the workflow can continue like for the other deliverables.

In the periodic report and in GMS: for the EUCI deliverables, a dummy pdf file is downloaded when downloading the deliverable. 


Each time a deliverable has been submitted, the EU Officers will be notified. Each time the EU Officers reject the deliverable, the Coordinator Contacts and the Participant Contacts are notified through the Funding & Tenders Portal Notification System. 

Ethics Officers are informed when an Ethics deliverable is submitted; Scientific Officers are also informed when deliverables (except Ethics deliverables) are submitted.

All actions are automatically saved (therefore there's no Save button). 


The deliverables can be sorted by clicking on the title of the relevant column. 


Comments can be added in the continuous reporting, by clicking the comment  button next to the relevant deliverable. These comments are visible to the Project Officer, but are not meant to replace the  messaging system  of the Grant Management Services in the Funding & Tenders Portal. These comments only pertain to the continuous reporting and will not be printed in the deliverables pdf in the periodic reporting. 

Comments added in the periodic reporting session  though will be printed in the pdf. This icon is available in the periodic report session by clicking on the "comments for report submission" column. 


  A history of the previous submissions is available by clicking on the relevant icon   


Click on the icon and a pop-up containing a list of all previous submitted versions of the deliverable will open.

By clicking the blue download icon   , you can download the chosen previous submitted version.


By clicking the red download icon   , you can download the request for revision letter that was sent out in connection to that particular submitted version.


In the Deliverables' generated .pdf file, the accepted/rejected deliverables have the status "Accepted"/"Rejected". 


If, via an amendment, the work packages without active deliverables are removed, the modification of the list is applied to the Continuous Report and the current Periodic Report.

When/if an amendment in the milestones, work packages or deliverables is signed, any changes will be propagated to the reporting sessions. 


Beneficiaries receive reminders via PNS (participant notification) for the deliverables they have not submitted yet (one reminder for all non-submitted deliverables of a project) as follows:

  • 1st reminder: for all deliverables that haven't been submitted 15 days before their due date (excluding the ones for which a reminder of the same type has been sent previously, unless the due date has been changed): the Lead Beneficiaries of the not submitted deliverables and the Coordinator in the copy of the message
  • 2nd reminder: for all deliverables that haven't been submitted 15 days after their due date (excluding the ones for which a reminder of the same type has been sent previously, unless the due date has been changed) - the Lead Beneficiaries of the not submitted deliverables and the Coordinator, in the copy of the message.


It is possible to export the list of Deliverables and their current status to an Excel file, via a link in the Deliverables page.