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Reports & payment requests

In order to receive payments, the consortium must submit periodic reports (following the schedule set out in the Grant Agreement). When these are due, they must be submitted directly in the Periodic Reporting Module of the Portal Grant Management System.

Where? Access to the Grant Management System is available through My Projects > Actions > Manage Project > Periodic Reporting > Technical Part contribution/Financial Statement drafting .

Who? The periodic report should be prepared by the consortium participants together and submitted by the Coordinator.

How? You will be prompted by e-mail for all the actions that you need to carry out for the periodic reporting.

What? In the periodic report, you should report on the progress of the work and costs claimed (see below Periodic Report). When the Coordinator submits the periodic report, the IT tool will capture the information from the Continuous Reporting Module in order to generate the Part A of the Technical Report. The system will also consolidate the Individual Financial Statements and it will generate the use of resources report (if required) and the Summary Financial Statements (for the consortium).

Reporting process

Continuous reporting > Preparing your periodic report > Approving Partners' reports > Submitting the report to the Commission > Acceptance or rejection by the Commission > Interim payment

Periodic report: Technical Report (Part A and B) and Financial Report

The periodic report consists of two parts, the Technical Report and Financial Report.

The Technical Report is itself also divided in two parts, Parts A and B:

  • Part A: contains the structured tables with project information (retrieved from the Grant Management System).
  • Part B (the narrative part): mirrors the application form and requires the participants to report on differences (delays, work not implemented, new subcontracts, budget overruns etc.) It must be uploaded as PDF document.

The Financial Report consists of the structured individual and consolidated Financial Statements (retrieved from the Grant Management System). In addition, most programmes require either a detailed cost reporting table (Excel table) or the use of resources report (online wizard) and, for payments above a certain thresholds, a certificate on the financial statements (CFS).

The technical report Part A and the financial report is generated automatically on the basis of the data in the Grant Management System; Part B needs to be prepared outside the tools (using the template downloaded from the system) and then uploaded as PDF (together with Annexes, if any).

All participants should contribute to the parts, but it is the Coordinator who will have to submit them as a single report.

Tasks of the Coordinator:

  • Check that the Continuous Reporting Module is updated in time (before the Periodic Report is Locked for review)
  • Check that all participants have submitted their Financial Statements (and CFS, if needed)
  • Quality checks:
    Check that the Report is coherent and that information in Part A and B is consistent.
    Make sure that the template has been followed and all sections are completed and no annexes are missing.

Certificate on the Financial Statements (CFS)

The CFS is a report produced by an independent auditor (or, for public bodies, public officer) using the template available on Portal Reference Documents. Its purpose is to give assurance to the Granting Authority about the regularity of the costs claimed.

The thresholds depend on the EU programme and type of action (see call conditions on the Topic page). For the MFF 2021-2027, there is usually a single threshold of EUR 325 000 requested EU contribution.

(warning) Please note that costs already audited by the Granting Authority do not have to be covered again by the CFS (the EU contribution covered by the audit can therefore be excluded from the calculation of the threshold).

The CFS must be uploaded as a scanned copy (PDF) together with the Financial Statement. The originals must be kept in the your files.

Submitting the periodic reports

You should start preparing the periodic report in the Grant Management System right after the periodic reporting is opened at the end of each reporting period (— deadline for submission is normally 60 days).

Details on how to submit are available in the .

Make sure that the information in the Continuous Reporting Module is updated

(warning) This must be done before the Technical Report (both parts) is first Locked for review by the Coordinator. Any entries into the Continuous Reporting Module made afterwards will NOT be included in this periodic report.

Complete your Financial Statements .

Go to My Projects > Actions > Manage Project > Periodic Reporting > Financial Statement drafting and complete the Financial Statements for each participant on their Financial Statement screen.

Make sure the cost details match the use of resources or detailed budget table (if required).

To sign and submit to the Coordinator, the Beneficiary's PFSIGN must log into My Projects > Actions > Manage Project > Periodic Reporting > Sign & Submit (same procedure as for Grant Agreement; see Signing the Grant Agreement).

Affiliated Entities must supply their Beneficiary with a blue-ink signed paper Financial Statement; the Beneficiary must then fill in the information in the system and sign and submit.

If you fail to submit a Financial Statement, your costs will be considered zero for this reporting period (but you can declare them in the next reporting period).

Upload Part B of the technical report .

Upload Part B on the Technical Report Part B screen (as a single PDF). Use the template available inside the system. This can be done by any Beneficiary (not only the Coordinator).

If any changes to Part B are needed, you must delete the pdf file and upload a new one.

When both Parts A and B are ready to submit, the Technical Report can be finalised by the Coordinator ( My Projects > Actions > Manage Project > Periodic Reporting > Accept & Include ).

Coordinator approves Partners' financial reports

The Coordinator must review and explicitly approve the periodic report. If needed, you can send back a Financial Statement to a Partner for further changes, or unlock the Technical Report for editing.

Before submitting, all the accepted Partners' Financial Statements must be included ( My Projects > Actions > Manage Project > Periodic Reporting > Include ).

Missing statements

Sometimes you may decide to submit the report without Financial Statements from certain Partners (e.g. if a Beneficiary cannot submit its individual Financial Statement on time). If this happens, you will be asked to confirm that you are aware of this and that therefore these costs will not be considered for the current payment. The participant's costs will be considered zero for this reporting period, but they will be able to declare their costs in the next financial report (next reporting period).

Submit the report to the Granting Authority

The Coordinator must submit all parts of the periodic report together (all the individual Financial Statements and Part B of the Technical Report): My Projects > Actions > Manage Project > Periodic Reporting > Submit to EU . The system will automatically generate the report with explanations of the use of resources and the periodic Summary Financial Statements, which includes the request for payment.

Acceptance or rejection by the Granting Authority

The Granting Authority will either:

  • accept the report and start preparing the payment or
  • ask for changes to it — which means that the process described above starts again.


When the Granting Authority approves the payment, the amount due will be paid out to the Coordinator (within 90 days of receiving the report).

If the amount due is above the interim payment ceiling (90% of the maximum grant amount), the amount due will be lowered.

The Granting Authority will send a letter to inform about the payment. After receiving the letter, the Coordinator has 30 days to submit observations, if needed. In case of observations, the Granting Authority will send a confirmation letter to state its final position.

Final report

The Periodic Reporting Module (and periodic reports) are also used for the final report (report for the last reporting period, to close the grant). The system behaviour, screens and documents used are the same.

Beneficiary termination reporting

If one of the Beneficiaries has to leave the consortium, the the Coordinator has to prepare a termination report (Technical Report Part B and Financial Report) and a report on the distribution of payments to this Beneficiary in the Grant Management System.
Details on the steps to follow are explained in the .