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Animation for a stronger community bond with the aquaculture sector



Context, needs, opportunity: 

For many FLAGs, a key objective of animation activities is to ensure a better integration of the fisheries sector within the community. To attain this objective, the FLAG “Our Krajna and Paluki” has been working closely with a large fish producer, capitalising on their fish farm and ponds to encourage local fish consumption and improve environmental awareness.

The Ślesin Fish Farm, the largest carp producer in the region (24 employees) and a member of the FLAG’s Board, carries out traditional pond-based fish production but would usually only sell their fish to wholesalers during the Christmas season and were therefore unknown to individual local consumers.

In cooperation with the fish farm and other actors, the FLAG has organised a series of activities:

  • Fish farming demonstrations and carp filleting shows: in October, the local community discovers the world of fish farming thanks to live demonstrations by the farm’s employees. Fish filleting presentations also take place before Christmas in neighbouring municipalities, accompanied by cooking lessons and tastings.
  • Bird camps: once a year during the migration season. The pond fishing activity helps maintain a number of local species - birds in particular – and a week-long stay on the fish farm is run for certified bird-ringing specialists of the nearby city of Bydgoszcz. The bird-ringers benefit from the rich biodiversity of the area as well as organising bird-watching hikes and workshops for schools. Normally closed to the public, the fish farm opens its doors so that students can learn about sustainable fishing practices and become acquainted with the animal and plant life of the region.
  • Cross-country running and geocaching: a cross-country run is organised in the fish farm’s neighbourhood during a local annual festival. Several geocaches are hidden around the fish farm, letting the local community and visitors explore the surrounding nature and fish ponds.

These activities are developed and organised by the FLAG in close collaboration with the nearby LEADER LAG and in cooperation with the regional Agricultural Extension Centre in Minikowo.

Main achievements: 

Initially, the fish farm did not participate in the various activities that take place in its surrounding area. With time, the farm realised its assets would be of interest to the local community and animation activities could allow direct interaction with potential customers. This inspired the farm to purchase a van to reach different parts of the region and sell fish directly to the locals, providing the farm with an additional income that doesn’t solely rely on the seasonal wholesales during Christmas time. Taking a more active part in community activities has also increased the direct sales of fish – selling up to a tonne of fish at their events.


This example can be useful for other areas with extensive inland aquaculture production where the FLAG aims for a stronger integration of fish producers within the local community. Some of the activities can serve as inspiration to other FLAGs looking for ideas of community animation linked to fish production.


It is important to ensure good communication with all the stakeholders in the area so that potential new actors can be discovered and ideas can be developed, bringing individual efforts together to create a large-scale impact.



Activities were designed by the FLAG staff, this required creativity and good communication skills

Staff resources: The preparation of the cross-country run lasts about six months (part-time involvement of the FLAG staff) and the bird camp takes approximately two months to organise. The public demonstrations take about two months to organise, carp filleting and tasting shows about one month. All these activities are carried out during the normal working time of the FLAG staff, in parallel with other tasks.

Financial resources: 

Fish farming demonstrations: €120 each
Carp filleting and tasting show: €150 each
Bird camp: €1 200
Cross-country run: €7 000

Other resources: 

The shed, water and electricity for the bird camp are provided free of charge by the fish farm. Locations for the filleting shows and carp tasting are offered free of charge by community cultural centres


Timeframe of implementation From Jan 2017
Sea Basins
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Our Krajna and Paluki FLAG

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