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Electronic proposal submission: Get an EU Login account > Get a PIC number (Participant Register) > Launch Submission wizard > Pre-register your draft proposal > List participants, contact persons > Fill in Administrative Forms (Part A) > Upload Technical Description (Part B) > Submit your proposal > Acknowledgement of receipt

Proposals must be submitted online using the Portal Submission System and before the call deadline.

Detailed explanations are available in the HOW TO .

Actions to be completed before submission

Create your user account to login to the Portal

To be able to submit a proposal, you must first register on the Portal for an EU Login account.

Make sure all participants are registered (PIC)

All participants (Beneficiaries, Affiliated Entities and Associated Partners) must be registered in the Participant Register and have their 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC). The Coordinator has to be identified with its PIC number at Step 3 of the Submission wizard, while other participants at Step 4.

Read more about registration and PIC search in the Registration and validation of your organisation section.

Submitting the application

The Submission wizard will guide you step-by-step through the process.

Detailed explanations are available in the HOW TO .

(warning) Do not forget to check the system requirements for using the Submission System.

Launch the Submission wizard and enter information for the Administrative Forms (application form (Part A))

Go to the topic on the Search funding & tenders page > Start Submission .

Upload Part B (Technical Description) and annexes and supporting documents

Part B (and the annexes and supporting documents can be uploaded in Step 5 of the wizard. Detailed instructions for preparing these documents are available in the section Get prepared.


Do not wait until the end to submit

It is highly recommended to submit your proposalas early as possible and at least 48 hours before the deadline. This will avoid technical problems (system requirements, local configuration settings, system congestion, etc.)

(warning) Please note that you can submit the proposal as many times as you want. Every submitted version will replace the previous one. Your proposal is sealed and closed. It will not be accessed before the deadline of the call. There is no reason to delay submission for fear of disclosure.

Affiliated entities

In Step 4 of the wizard you specify the organisations participating in the consortium. As from 2021, this will include Affiliated Entities and Associated Partners. They will therefore need to have registered beforehand and have their PIC. Their budget will also have to be individualised already at application stage (separate row in the budget table).

Access rights of individual contact persons

In Step 4 of the wizard you also specify the contact persons for the organisations. To read more about the levels of access rights, see the Roles and access rights section.

Changes to organisation-related data during proposal preparation

If your organisation is already registered, but organisation-related data has changed during proposal preparation, you cannot update it directly in the Submission System.

The update must first be requested via the Participant Register ( My Organisations > Actions > Modify Organisation ):

Page limits and formatting requirements for the Technical Description (Part B)

Don't forget that applications may have mandatory page limits and formatting requirements (indicated at the beginning of the application form). Excess pages will be automatically made invisible, and will not be taken into consideration by the evaluators.

Checklist for submission

Before submitting the proposal, check that:

  • your proposal fulfills the call conditions
  • the proposal (both the Administrative Forms (Part A) and Technical Description (Part B)) is complete, readable, accessible and printable
  • the requested declarations have been made
  • all consortium members have:
  • obtained a user account to log in to the Portal
  • registered in the Participant Register.

Mock evaluation

For some programmes, you can find standard evaluation forms similar to those used by our evaluators on Portal Reference Documents . Try them out. Ideally, ask a disinterested colleague to carry out a mock evaluation.

Multiple versions of proposal

You can submit your proposal several times before the deadline, to make updates or changes. To view or change your submitted proposal, go to My Proposals > View Submitted > Re-edit proposal . As long as the call has not been closed, the newly submitted version will overwrite the previous one.

(warning)Please note that the re-edit functionality is not available for continuously open calls.

Multiple proposals

If the Coordinator submits a number of similar proposals, the Granting Authority may ask them to choose one or more of them to be withdrawn.

Specific submission schemes

Two-stage submission schemes — You must submit a short outline proposal for stage 1 and will be invited to submit a full application only if you pass to stage 2. The full application must be consistent with the short outline proposal (no substantial differences allowed).

Calls with multiple cut-off dates — The call has a final closure date (usually the end of the funding programme) and several cut-off dates that trigger evaluation. There is an evaluation session after each cut-off date and the final closure date (normally within a month). After each cut-off date, the submitted proposals are grouped, reviewed and ranked together. Evaluation results are made available and proposals invited for grant preparation. If you miss a cut-off date, the proposal will be evaluated with the next batch in the next evaluation session.

After submission

At submission, the application package is combined into one document, sealed and an e-receipt is generated (with date and time of submission).

All contact persons of the coordinating organisation will receive an e-mail (after each submission if several). (warning) If you have not received this e-mail, the application has not been submitted. Please try again or contact the IT Helpdesk.

After the submission, there is normally no further contact between you and us until after the end of the evaluation. The competent EU service will contact you only if there is a need to clarify issues or request additional information or if the call foresees a hearing/interview as part of the evaluation procedure.

Withdrawal of submitted proposals

Before the call deadline, a proposal can be withdrawn at Step 6 of the wizard ( My Proposals > View Submitted > Withdraw proposal ). After the call deadline, withdrawal has to be requested via the IT Helpdesk.

Once withdrawn, the new status will be shown on the My Proposals page (and you can delete the application with the Delete button).

After the call deadline

Once the call deadline has passed, no further corrections or re-submissions are possible. However, you can have read-only access to the submitted proposal ( My Proposals > View Submitted ).

Proposals that were never submitted (remain in draft status) are accessible for 90 days after the call deadline ( My Proposals > View Draft ).