Gender equality is a European value but also a proof of aid effectiveness. There is evidence that gender inequality and poverty are closely related. 

Gender equality and diverging views. Serious man and woman look in different directions, side view, panorama, copy space.

    This course, organised by DG INTPA and DG NEAR, in partnership with the Criterion Institute aims at facilitating the understanding of the business case for gender lens investing, as well as the state of play and the opportunities to advance the gender equality EU agenda through the ESFD+.

    Duration: 1 h 30 min

      This series of webinars have the objective to increase the knowledge on how to mainstream gender equality and apply a human rights-based approach on investments supported by the EFSD+.

      These webinars will focus on exploring tangible examples of how gender lens investing (GLI) strategies can be applied to improve both financial performance and social impact and merge the business case with gender- transformative impact.

      Duration: 52 min
        This webinar aims at enhancing EFSD+ investment officers’ capacities to mainstream gender equality in digital operations, in particular digital infrastructure, and digital solutions. It will facilitate practical knowledge of gender smart digital transformation investment through the presentation of investments that address the digital divide, promote women’s leadership offering digital solutions and contribute to enhance gender equality.

        Duration: 1 h
          This webinar, organised by DG NEAR and DG INTPA, aims at providing an overall understanding of the care economy as a significant driver of gender equality.

          The care economy encompasses child, elderly, and other forms of care as well as domestic chores, referring to all forms of paid and unpaid care provided within a society.

          Duration: 55 min

            This webinar aims at enhancing EFSD+ investment officers’ capacities to mainstream gender equality in investments in the transport sector.

            Duration: 1 h

              This webinar aims to provide EFSD+ investment officers with practical knowledge and tools to understand the role of gender bonds and motivate them to take an active role in helping spur the growth of this innovative financial instrument to bolster women’s empowerment and meet crucial sustainable development targets.

              Duration: 1 h

                This webinar aims to provide EFSD+ investment officers with specific knowledge and tools to understand how gender inequalities are built into our cities, from public spaces to service provision, transportation, land management, and housing.

                Duration: 50 min

                  A EU Gender Champion takes the responsibility to make visible at the highest level and give impetus to the EU’s progressive stance on gender equality and women’s human rights.

                  Also available in French Spanish

                    The central objective of this talk is to analyze how the politics of gender came to occupy a central place in debates over citizenship, national belonging, and the future of democratic governance. These debates diverge widely from challenges and to the most basic rights to freedom of movement and education for women in countries like Afghanistan to demanding full recognition of LGBTQI rights in the European Union.

                    Duration: 1 h 17 min

                      Course on gender and infrastructure: implications of infrastructure and transport programmes.

                      Duration: 20 min

                        This course explains how gender mainstreaming is a key quality and accountability factor in justice sector reforms.

                        Duration: 20 min

                          This webinar will provide an overview on how to incorporate a gender-responsive approach in the design, implementation and monitoring of value chain development (VCD) projects.

                          Duration: 1 h 10 min