Online Manual

Formal notification

The formal notification channel ( My Projects > Actions > Manage Project > Launch new interaction with the EU > Formal Notification ) can be used ONLY for correspondence requiring acknowledgement of receipt, i.e.

  • to dispatch replies to formal notifications received from the Granting Authority


  • for communications under Article 19 of the Grant Agreement
    • information requests
    • information about events and circumstances which impact the action and
  • whenever it is clearly stipulated in the Grant Agreement (e.g. declare conflict of interest, force majeure).

Portal Messaging Facility

The two Portal Messaging Facilities should be used for all other communications:

  • Participant Register: My Organisations > Actions > Modify Organisation
  • Grant Management System: My Projects > Actions > Manage Project > Process Communications

(warning) The Grant Management System Messaging Facility can be used only by the Coordinator.