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After registration, not all information can be provided. The LEAR information, for example, cannot be provided by you until the Central Validation Service starts validating your organisation. For specific information that cannot be provided freely by the participant, you will be notified via the Funding & Tenders Portal and by email when it is time to provide this information.

Update your organisation

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Accessing your organisation data

To do updates in your organisation data, upload documents or follow up your communication with Central Validation Services, follow these steps:

Access the Funding and Tenders Portal and click on My organisation(s) on the left. A list with all your registered organisations appears in the central part of your screen. This list also includes the organisations for which you have been appointed as contact in a proposal.

In the Legal name column, your registered organisations are displayed with hyperlinks. If you click on any of these hyperlinks, an overview with the main data of the corresponding organisation is shown (only if you have registered the organisation, otherwise there is no a hyperlink to the organisation page).

Select the organisation you want to update and click on the  button. Depending on whether you used the organisation in the past or you registered it, different options will be available. For organisations you registered, a modify option will be available. Click on it to access the update page.

Who can edit/view the data of a non-validated organisation

For organisations which are not validated yet, i.e. cases before a LEAR role has been identified, a contact person (Self-Registrant role in the system) is appointed to edit/view the data of the organisation.

The person registering an organisation for first time, being granted a Self-Registrant role by default, will be able to manage the existing or assign additional Self-Registrant roles. Select the Manage roles option from the list when clicking in the Action button to do so, and follow the instructions as provided in the Access management to your organisation page.

You modify the data of the organisation by selecting Modify organisation from the Action button.

If you do not have the Self-Registrant Role, the options in the list, when clicking the Actions button, will be limited to contacting the organisation.

Please, also bear in mind that:

  • Once the LEAR of the organisation has been validated, all Self-registrant roles are automatically revoked and there are no possibility to assign that type of role any more. Other roles will be available, though, such as the Account Administrator role, which will be able to access and maintain the data of the organisation in the Participant Register. The Lear/Account Administrator will be able to assign new roles by selecting the View roles option from the actions button, and then clicking on the button. See more instructions in the Access management to your organisation page.

Edit the different tabs within Participant Register

The data update screen shows your registered organisation name and PIC at the top left corner and, under it, 8 tabs containing the rest of the data.

Click on the name of a tab to display its content, the tab that you have clicked becomes white and a blue line appears on top of the tab name to mark in which tab you are. The rest of the tabs remain grey.

Some red icons may be visible next to the names of certain tabs: a number icon indicates the amount of items pending your action in that tab and a flag indicates a pending action from your side.

To make any modification to your registered organisation data, click on the Edit button that you see at the right of the screen for each tab, the information becomes editable.

In organisations with the Declared status, you are able to modify the data in all fields without needing to provide any supporting documents.

In organisations with the Validated status, a green check mark at the right side of each field confirms that value has been previously validated. Some of the fields require that you upload a document confirming the change that you have made. This is indicated by an informative pop-up message followed by a red icon in the form of a cloud with an arrow inside, appearing at the right side of the specific field:

After making your changes within any of the tabs, click on the Submit button at the bottom right corner of the screen to save the changes. If you click on the Cancel button, a pop-up message asks you to confirm your choice. Any changes you have done will be lost by cancelling.

For specific information about each tab see below:

The My Task(s) page in the Funding and Tenders Portal

All the tasks pending an action from the user will be visible in 2 different places:

  • In the organisation data update section, with red number badges or flags next to the related tabs titles (for example, in the Documents or Messages tabs).
  • In the My Task(s) page, from the Manage my area menu: