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Who can update the online information about your organisation?

  • Initially, only the person who first registered the organisation or any other appointed Self-registrant
  • once appointed, only the appointed representative (LEAR) and appointed Account Administrators.

To change the information on your organisation, go to My Organisations > Actions > Modify Organisation.

Please upload legal/financial supporting documents for any updates you submit so that the Central Validation Service can validate them. Maximum size for uploads: 6MB per file.

Changes of legal status

If your organisation changes status or address, your LEAR should immediately update the information in the Participant Register (My Organisations > Actions > Modify Organisation) and, if possible, directly inform (via your Coordinator) your EU Project Officers in ongoing grants (Coordinator uses the Portal Messaging Facility: My Projects > Actions > Manage Project > Process communications > New message).

Some changes like, for instance, partial or universal transfers of rights will moreover require amendments in case you have ongoing Grant Agreements/Procurement Contracts.

Managing roles in the organisation

If organisation roles need to be changed, your LEAR should immediately update them in the system (My Organisations > Actions > Edit Organisation Roles).

If project/contract roles need to be changed, your CoCo/PaCo should immediately update them in the system (My Projects > Actions > Project Consortium).

(warning) If grants/contracts or cost claims/invoices are signed in the system by persons whose access rights should have been revoked, this will be your responsibility and you will have to bear the consequences. Their signatures and other actions will be considered valid by the EU services.