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Update your organisation


How to initiate a LEAR recovery action

LEAR and Account Administrators are the only roles which are able to make changes, upload documents and follow up communications with the Central Validation Service for a valid organisation (to learn more about roles, please see Roles and access rights).

In situations where the existing LEAR is not available anymore and there are no Account Administrators to be able to access the update page of an organisation, the organisation could be blocked to perform the required actions within the context of a Grant agreement or a Procurement contract.

In those situations, you will be able to appoint a LEAR without accessing the update page of the organisation in the Participant register, by following these steps:





Access the FAQ in the portal and launch the LEAR recovery wizard screen.


Enter the PIC number of your organisation. Then click on the Request button.

(lightbulb) If you do not know the PIC, make a search for the organisation here.

This functionality is available only if:

  • The organisation has the Validated status. For any other status, you need to follow the standard procedure and you will not be able to use this functionality.
  • No LEAR recovery request exists for your organisation already.

    If the criteria is met, you will receive further instructions via email. Once you receive the email, see LEAR recovery for further instructions.


    If there is a LEAR recovery action already for that organisation, only the person who initiated the LEAR recovery action will be able to follow up the request. If you are that person, when trying to launch a LEAR recovery action again for the same organisation, you will be taken to the LEAR recovery wizard.