Online Manual

Getting access to My Area

The EU Funding & Tenders Portal ('Portal') is the central electronic portal for all EU funding and tenders.

It is managed by the European Commission and used by itself and other EU services (together 'EU') for their grants, prizes and procurements.

The Portal has two parts: A public section with general information (Funding Opportunities, Reference Documents, etc.) and My Area, which is a secured, personalised section (Portal electronic exchange system) used by the participants for managing their proposals and grants/contracts.

For security reasons, access to My Area is based on:

  • EU Login account — unique identifier for individuals. All you need to open an EU Login account is your work e-mail address.
  • Roles & access rights (Identity and Access Management System — IAM)
  • PIC number — unique identifier for organisations. This 9-digit number is received after you register in the Portal Participant Register.

In My Area you can:

  • get access to non-public information on your proposals, projects/contracts, organisations, etc.
  • register in the Participant Register and update your organisation/natural person data
  • sign contracts, submit reports, cost claims, invoices and receive payments
  • communicate with the EU services about your ongoing projects/contracts
  • for experts working with the EU services: register, sign contracts, manage tasks, submit cost claims and receive payments
  • for external audit firms working with the EU services: register and manage tasks

Individual users:

  • have to register as a user only once
  • will be asked to agree to the Portal Terms and Conditions on their first login
  • will have specific access rights, depending on their roles in the organisation/projects/contracts