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EU Login

EU Login provides a single sign-on to a large number of services and tools available on the Portal.

To access to the functions available on My Area, you must have an EU Login account.

  • To create an EU Login account, you click on the Register button on the Portal homepage; all you need is your name and work e-mail address.
  • If you already have an EU Login account, you must use that one.

(warning) EU Login is the new name for the previously used ECAS account (European Commission Authentication System); old accounts continue to work, there is no need to create new ones.

Creating an EU Login account

Go to the Portal Register page and enter:

  • your first name, last name and e-mail address
  • the displayed security code.

Select Create an account

You will receive an e-mail to the address that you specified, containing a link you should use to complete the registration process.

Click the link you will be asked to choose and confirm a password.

Go back to the Portal homepage.

Click on Login and log in with your registered e-mail (user name) address and password.

(warning) Your EU Login password and user name is personal — do NOT share it with colleagues or anyone else. All transactions made with your account (user name, password) will be considered as having been made by yourself. Keep your password secure and change it regularly.

Logging in to the Portal with your EU Login account

After logging in, you can use the personalised services and tools available on the Portal.

(warning) Your EU Login account gives you only general access to My Area, but it will NOT yet give you access to project/contract data of your organisation. This access depends on your roles and access rights.