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Signature steps

The Grant Agreement signature happens in several steps

  1. All beneficiaries (the Coordinator included) sign the Declaration of Honour  
    (warning) Cofund type of action has an additional Declaration of Honour 
    (warning) If applicable: Upload the affiliated entity (third party) declaration 
  2. The Coordinator signs the Grant Agreement 
  3. The European Commission signs the Grant Agreement 
  4. All beneficiaries sign the accession to the Grant Agreement (Accession Forms

 = paper signature

= electronic signature (eSignature)


Note: A Grant Agreement is legally binding when it has been signed by both the Coordinator and the European Commission. 

For example: the Coordinator has to sign the Grant Agreement

The Legal Authorised Signatory of the Coordinator has a task "Grant Agreement signature". He can verify the relevant document in the task itself. 

Once he's ready to sign, he clicks the  button. 

Use the GMS sign button only

The grant is only signed when clicking the  button! Once signed, you will not need to upload anything.

So, please don't use the signature feature of Adobe Reader for this purpose.

Once you have clicked the   button, please  provide the EU Login password (the comment field is optional) and click the   button again.

(warning) Please note that the Project Officers and their back-ups are also among the recipients of the PNS messages sent to the participants - Coordinator Contacts (CoCos) and Participant Contacts (PaCos), informing everyone about the electronic signature of the Grant Agreement by the Coordinator.

Once the Coordinator has clicked the  button, the task "Grant Agreement signature" has disappeared because the task has been completed. 

A green banner appears in the Grant Management Services screen, indicating that the document is being processed. After a while the signed document will be available in the documents section.

Additional information about the eSignature process

See Online Manual for more information of the eSignature process.

What is eSignature?