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Register an organisation


Registration steps

Log into the Portal

Go to the Funding & tenders Portal and click on Login (see How to authenticate with EU Login if you need information on how to log in).

From the How to participate menu on the top, select Participant register.

Before registering an organisation, check that it has not previously being registered:

Search for organisations by clicking Search a PIC. Then, search for organisations, enter the name or a part of the name. You may restrict results by selecting a specific country or expanding the advanced search and applying further filters to the search criteria. The click on Search organisation to display the matches.

Results are displayed at the bottom of the page. To restart your search with different search criteria, click on Clear filters.

If you do not find the organisation, then go back to How to Participate / Participant register in the menu on the top and click on the Register your organisation button.

Provide the organisation identification details

In this step, you must provide the basic legal information of your organisation. Please note that throughout the wizard, at the bottom, you see the Save and Next buttons. Click on Save if you need to quit the wizard before finishing and click on Next to move to the next step of the wizard when you have provided the mandatory data:

You are presented with a list possible duplicates based on the provided Legal name and registration country.  If one of the organisations match your organisation, do NOT continue the registration process; use the Use this PIC button to get in contact with the current LEAR of the organisation. If none of the organisations in the list matches yours, click on Continue registration to go to the step 2:

Provide the organisation data

In this step, you must specify the main contact details and the official language of your organisation. Please note that throughout the wizard, at the bottom, you see the Previous button. You can use it if you need to go back to the previous step:

Provide the legal information

In this step, you must select the Legal form of your organisation from the corresponding drop-down menu. Additionally, you can provide other data:

Define the authorised users

In this screen you set up the users which will be able to access the organisation data update screen and make changes to the registered data until a LEAR is appointed.

The EU Login of the person registering the organisation will be set up automatically as the main authorised user. You have the possibility to add another authorised user as a back-up. This person will receive the self-registrant role, the same as you (see Roles and access rights), and will be able to do updates or provide documents after the registration (see Organisation data view and update):

Summary screen

In this step, you can review all the data that you have entered in the previous steps.
If you need to make a modification, click on the Edit button at the top right corner of each of the steps summarized in this screen:

When you have reviewed the data, click on the Submit button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on the Print button if you wish to print the data.

Success screen

This is the final step of the registration process. In this step, there is a confirmation that you have successfully completed the process and you can see the PIC that has been created for you:

Click on the Continue to update button if you wish to update the data of your organisation. With your PIC number, you can start applying already for calls for funding or tenders.