Fisheries Areas Network


  • Ireland - 7 FLAGs - 12 M€

    - Country Factsheet
    Ireland is surrounded by some of the most productive waters in the EU. The seven Irish FLAGs aim to promote marine and eco-tourism by taking advantage of the local biodiversity and protected habitats. Additionally, they look to leverage synergies with national/local tourism initiatives and boost the business potential of the small-scale coastal fishing vessels.
  • Reducing waste linked to processing shellfish

    - Good Practice Short Story
    An Irish FLAG has supported a local, family aquaculture business that farms Gigas oysters to improve processing methods, reduce energy consumption and cut waste.
  • An aquarium supplied by local fishermen on the Wild Atlantic Way

    - Good Practice Project
    En lokal virksomhed, der blev oprettet af lokalsamfundet Achill for 20 år siden, har skabt et akvarium i en bygning, der ikke længere var i brug, og hvor der nu arbejder frivillige personer, pensionerede fiskere og andre med tilknytning til fiskeri. Achill Experience Aquarium & Visitor Centre blev det første kultursted i Irland baseret på lokal fiskeriarv og er fortsat en af de største attraktioner i dette county.
  • Cuan Beo project in Connaught, Ireland

    Cuan Beo, a living bay in West Ireland

    - Good Practice Project
    Cuan Beo was set up by community members living and working near Galway bay, who were cognisant of a general decline in the quality of the famous shellfish producing waters in the Bay.
  • FARNET Magazine n°16

    - Publication
    The sixteenth edition of the FARNET magazine explores sustainability, blue growth and the circular economy from a CLLD perspective. What have we learnt in the ten years since a CLLD approach was first introduced in fisheries areas under the EMFF? How can we position fisheries CLLD for the future? Is the circular economy key? These are just some of the questions addressed in this thought-provoking edition.
  • Solar energy, lighting up a remote landing site

    - Good Practice Short Story
    A local fisherman takes the initiative to explore how solar lighting might improve safety and make working hours more flexible at the remote pier where he lands his fish.
  • Enhancing native oyster stocks in Tralee Bay

    - Good Practice Project
    Et fiskerikooperativ anvender ny teknologi til at sikre bæredygtigheden i sine lokale bestande af europæisk østers. Tralee Oyster Fisheries Society er begyndt at bruge franske yngelsamlere ("coupelles"), og det betyder lysere fremtidsudsigter for østersfiskerne og den lokale tradition, de repræsenterer.represent.
  • Setting up Inshore Fisheries Forums

    - Good Practice Method
    Irish FLAGs have supported the development of six Regional Inshore Fisheries Forums (RIFFs) and a National Inshore Fisheries Forum (NIFF) to ensure representation of the small-scale segment of the fleet in regional and national decision making.
  • Boosting a seaweed business on the Irish offshore Islands

    - Good Practice Short Story
    West FLAG supports business development among some of the most marginalised and remote communities in the country, including offshore islands and native Irish speaking communities where a seaweed company has grown from one to four employees.
  • South FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The South FLAG area covers the coast of County Cork including seven West Cork Islands, from the Kerry–Cork boundary West of Lauragh, in Kerry to the river at Youghal. The fleet in the area is distributed across many small harbours and piers all along the coast.