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1. Release Notes 10.5.17 - 16/01/2019

A new version of SWIM has been released on 16/01/2019. The release involves applicants and beneficiaries. The release includes new features as: - FTIR supporting documents; - FFS supporting documents; Changes regarding: - duration of the action - departments. For further explanations, we invite you to read the 'Release note' document by clicking Click here . Thank you. Kind Regards, The SWIM Support Team.

2. Who can I contact for more information?

3. My SWIM account displays "no grant agreements are related to your personal account"

Probably you are not logged in SWIM with the same account used to submit your application. If your colleague can see the grant in his/her account, it means he/she is an editor and you can request him/her to invite you to become an editor of the grant.

Please refer to the section 4.4. "Managing editors" of the SWIM Manual.

In case e.g. the editor left the company or you don't remember anymore the account credentials used to submit the application then please send a formal request to the operational unit of the call putting in copy.

Important: please include the grant reference number "VS/201X/XXX" and the email address of the person who needs access. As soon as the operational unit gives the authorization, we will send an invitation mail to the provided address to become an editor of the grant.

4. What it is the document size limit and extension files formats in SWIM?

The size limit per file is 15mb. There is a limit of 10 files and there is no limit for the total size of all files. There is no limit to the file extensions - they are all allowed, as per example: ".7z", ".bmp", ".csv", ".doc", ".docm", ".docx", ".jpeg",".jpg",".msg",".ods",".odt",".pdf",".png",".ppt",".pptx,".rar",".rtf",".tif",".tiff",".txt",".xls",".xlsb",".xlsm",".xlsx",".zip",".gif"

5. I need to access the Grant Agreement in SWIM. How can I do it?

Scenario n. 1: the person who was in charge of the grant doesn't work anymore (or just temporarily) for the company;

Scenario n. 2: the corporation email has changed.

Scenario n. 3: forgotten login credentials.

Procedure: Please send an email to the Call Team (email address can be found in the grant agreement) asking to get the authorization to access your grant. Do not forget to indicate your VS reference number and to put in copy of the mail.

6. What to do in case I forgot my password?

NOTE: In 2016 the new authentication method based on EU Login has been introduced. The 'old' method based on VP/20xx/xxx/xxxx number is no longer available.

In case of forgotten EU Login password see the EU Login FAQ at: or chapter 1.3.4 of the SWIM User Manual.

7. How can I change the personal data related to my EU Login account?

Please connect to EU login my account page: Go to 'My account' and then click on 'Modify my personal data'. You will be able to modify First Name, Surname and Email Address linked to your account.

8. When I click on the link "See validations errors ", why don't I see the errors?

Normally, clicking on the link "See validations errors" will open an additional pop-up page showing all error messages and which fields they are related to. However, it might not get displayed if you have a pop-up blocker installed in your browser. In that case:

  • disable the pop-up blocker in your Internet browser, or
  • change the browser's settings to allow pop-up windows from the site. For more information, refer to your browser's Help.

9. Why can't I submit my application?

You may submit the electronic application only when it is valid (i.e. there are no validation errors)

  • first, check in the upper part of the screen whether the status says: In edition (valid)
  • if the file is valid, an additional button Submit appears in the upper right part of the screen. Click on it to submit your electronic application.

Once the electronic application is submitted in SWIM, you may generate a printable version (PDF) for the paper submission via post.

10. How can I print the whole application form?

Click on the menu option "Generate a printable version (PDF)". A PDF file will be generated and opened.

NOTE: As long as the application has not been submitted, the PDF document would show NOT VALID watermark on each page

11. How can I delete unrequired empty lines in the application form?

Some sections in the Application form contain tables. Once you started entering data in on a table row, you need to fill out the complete row. If you start entering information by accident and you want to remove the text, an error icon will be shown and the callout text reads "This field must be filled out". It is nevertheless possible to click the Save button without completing the line in the table. The warning icon will disappear. Some tables dispose of a button "Add new line". If you click this button, an empty table row is added. If you added a row by mistake, do not enter any information on that row. Click the Save button instead, and you will see that the superfluous (empty) line(s) have disappeared from your application form.

12. Why does the system not accept the amount entered?

When entering financial amounts, please take into consideration the following conventions:

- do not use space as thousand separator: enter 100000, not 100 000 (when saved, the value will be displayed as 100 000)

- use a dot (.), not a comma (,) as decimal separator: enter 4563.21, not 4563,21 (when saved, the value will be displayed as 4 563.21)

- do not enter any currency indicator (€, EUR, euro, etc.). All amounts are expected to be entered in euro.

- it is not possible to enter negative values (though some fields calculated by the system can contain a negative value).

13. Where can I find my application reference?

The application reference has the following format: VP/YYYY/CCC/####, where:

- YYYY is the 4-digit year indication

- CCC is the 3-digit call number

- #### is a 4-digit sequential number.

You can find this reference in the e-mail message containing your password. You have received this e-mail message when created your application and/or if you have asked a new password. You can also find this reference on the first page of the grant application form.

14. Where can I find the official text for a Call for Proposals?

You will find the overview of the open Calls for Proposals at

15. How can I retrieve information retained in an unsubmitted application?

When the phase submission deadline is reached and the applicant did not submit the application, the applicant receives the following e-mail message . "You have created an application under the call for proposals VP/2016/XXX. Your application reference is VP/2016/XXX/XXXX. The call VP/2016/XXX is now closed, but you did not submit your application. You have read-only access to your application until DD/MM/YYYY (three months after the submission deadline), after which date the application and all associated data will be automatically erased, unless you log in to SWIM and request otherwise." If the applicant requests to archive the application, it will not be removed from the system.

16. How to read the PDF documents?

If you cannot read the PDF documents, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader on the Adobe web site. To install it, double-click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions.

17. Why is the printed version of my application watermarked "Invalid"?

The application form gets the "Valid" status, when there are no missing or incompatible elements anymore. The applicant can however still edit the settings in order to improve his application, until he submits the application. All printed versions generated before submission must therefore be considered as "Draft" versions without legal value and it is logical that the "Invalid" watermark is present on these print-outs. Once the applicant submits his application, he can no longer edit it and the version is considered "official". When a printed version is requested at this stage, the "Invalid" watermark will have disappeared.

18. Why do I get an internal error when trying to submit my application?

The 'Final Technical Implementation Report' is ready to be submitted, all mandatory fields are fulfilled (marked with an *) and there are no validation errors but after clicking on the 'Submit' button I get an internal error and the report is not sent to the Commission. This is most likely caused by text with invalid double-indents (e.g. in bulleted lists), that was introduced by copying text from another source (e.g. a Word document). To confirm that indeed this is the problem, please you could try to get the DRAFT PDF. If the error exists, then the problem is confirmed. The solution is to Re-do double indents as follows: 1. Look for the fields where you used double indentation. 2. In each field, select the text with double indentation. 3. Click on the Back indentation icon. 4. Click on the Forward indentation button. 5. Save the report. 6. Repeat these steps for all texts with double indentation. 7. Save the report again. Once it is done you should be able to submit the report.

19. Why can't I create a new amendment request?

If the button 'New Request' is not available, one or more of the following preconditions for creating an amendment request are not fulfilled:

• There should be no previous amendment request that has not yet been submitted.

• There should be no previous amendment request for which the revision has not been finalized (accepted or rejected).

• The action closing date must be more than one month in the future OR the Commission has allowed the late introduction of an amendment request.

20. When I open my application I get error "The state of the publication couldn't be retrieved..."

Your EU Login session has probably expired in Publigrant. Close all you browser windows and try again, or try a different browser, or start a new session.

21. Is it possible to submit 2 applications for the same call using the same account?

Yes, it is possible. Though we don't recommend to work in parallel on the 2 applications from 2 PCs at the same time.

22. Where can I find the templates of the documents in the SWIM form?

Go to the location of the specific document in the SWIM form. In the description of the document, the 'click here' link will allow you to download the template and save it on your computer.

23. Why the template for the final financial statement isn't available for my grant agreement?

The button 'New statement', to create the FFS, becomes available after the action closing date. If the button is not visible after the action closing date then you need to check there aren't any pending amendment requests (status 'Submitted'). In this case you should contact the Call Team and ask them to process your amendment request. The amendment is considered fully processed when the status in your SWIM grant agreement page is 'Accepted' or 'Rejected'

24. How can I amend the information of the beneficiary/coordinator?

In order to amend information related to the beneficiary/coordinator as: - legal entity - bank account - legal entity signatory - legal entity contact details you don't have to submit an amendment in SWIM but you have to contact directly the Call team (indicate in your grant agreement) who will perform the amend internally.

25. How do I submit annual reports?

SWIM doesn't support the functionality to submit annual reports (except for old PROGRESS grants). Annual reports have to be sent to the commission in paper via ordinary mail.

26. Why the Final Financial Statement doesn't include the pre-financing data?

The function of submitting a pre-financing request via SWIM is purely informational and helps the beneficiary to use the same budget model used in the original application and in the final financial statement. The status of the request will remain 'submitted'. The beneficiary will be informed of the acceptance or rejection of the request via other channels than SWIM. There is no connection between the pre-financing request and the final financial statement. For this reason, the beneficiary will have to copy manually the data included of the pre-financing in the final financial statement.
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