An integral part of the EU Health Policy Platform, the EU Health Award was established to recognise stakeholders who are making positive changes in their communities. As well as acknowledging their commitment, the EU Health Award raises awareness of the vital role cities, NGOs and schools play in strengthening participative democracy and active citizenship in public health. In previous editions, only NGOs were considered for the award, but in 2019, the categories of cities and schools were added. The EU Health Award rewards initiatives acting at international, European, regional, national and local level.

The specific theme of the award differs every year. Find out more by visiting the EU Health Award website.

All EU Health Award applicants are strongly encouraged to join the EU Health Policy Platform to engage in the discussions on health issues of common interest with international, European, national and regional stakeholders and the European Commission. Please check our user guide to find out more about how to register and how the Platform works. All information concerning the EU Health Award is made public in the Agora Network (the common discussion area that is automatically accessible to all users who comply with the Platform’s Rules of procedure).

The EU Health Policy Platform also gathers good practices from the cities, NGOs and schools applying for the Award, as a source of inspiration for others working in public health. The EU Health Award is funded under the 3rd Health Programme 2014-2020, which also supports the identification, dissemination and implementation of cost-efficient good practices that improve health and the quality of life.

For more information about the EU Health Award or the EU Health Policy Platform, please contact