There are 3 kinds of users in the EU Health Policy Platform:

  • Members of already established EU Expert and Stakeholder Groups of DG Health and Food Safety;
  • European Commission staff;
  • Any health stakeholders meeting the EU Health Policy Platform criteria*.

The European Commission would like to invite you to its Platform if you are one of the following type of stakeholder active in the field of health:

  • Non-governmental organisations dealing with health;
  • Organisations representing patients;
  • Organisations representing health professionals;
  • Health service providers;
  • Health insurance bodies;
  • Research organisations, universities and academic institutions;
  • Business organisations or associations with a clear commitment to health promotion, protection or prevention of diseases in Europe.

*As a potential user, you are encouraged to read the Working Methods of the EU Health Policy Platform.

The use of the Web Platform is governed by Terms and Conditions that should be respected. The European Commission moderators will monitor compliance with these rules.

The EU Health Policy Platform processes your data in compliance with regulation 45/2001. ECAS and SAAS are systems of the European Commission that allow authenticating and authorizing users for the Web Platform. The Notification on Data Protection, the Privacy Statement for the Identity Management Service and the Privacy Statement for SAAS explain your data protection rights in detail.