The EU Health Policy Platform is a collaborative initiative to ease the communication between the Commission services and health stakeholders. It is aimed to be inclusive and to reflect geographical and professional diversity of the participants.

The objectives of the EU Health Policy Platform are to:

  • Provide a framework for a dialogue between the Commission and stakeholders;
  • Facilitate targeted discussions between the Commission services and stakeholders;
  • Ensure transparency in the health policy dialogue;
  • Contribute to building knowledge and expertise on public health issues;
  • Support dissemination of information on DG Health and Food Safety's projects (e.g. co-funded Health Programme projects, including Joint Actions);
  • Identify, share and encourage replication of good practices related to health policy;
  • Gather and circulate research outcomes and ease the availability of results and outcomes to interested stakeholders;
  • Provide information on other policy areas related to health following the "Health in All Policies" approach.

The EU Health Policy Platform operates in two ways:

  • IT Platform - to enable online discussion and collaboration;
  • Face-to-face meetings - to host targeted thematic discussions.

DG Health and Food Safety runs the secretariat of the EU Health Policy Platform. It moderates the IT Platform as well as coordinating the Commission’s input and participation.

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