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In the context of the current situation in Ukraine, an initiative has been put in place for projects funded under the Horizon Europe programme, consisting in the publication in the Funding and Tenders Portal of opportunities addressed to researchers or other specialists from Ukraine.

Consult the available opportunities

In the Funding and Tenders Portal homepage, click on Horizon4Ukraine, at the top right corner of the screen:

A new page opens, where you can see the available projects:

You can use the Search and Sort by filters to look for specific projects.

Click on the Contact button of the project that you are interested in. A form opens for you to enter your message, check the terms and conditions box, complete the antispam check and send your message to the Participant Contact of the project by clicking on Submit:

Publish opportunities in the context of Horizon4Ukraine

Only the people with the PCoCo or CoCo roles (for the organisation coordinating the project) or the PaCo role (for the rest of organisations participating in the project) may place opportunities in the context of Horizon4Ukraine for a given project.

If you are interested in making your project available for this initiative, log into the Funding and Tenders Portal. In the Manage my area menu, in the My Project(s) section, click on the Actions button of the project that you want to make available and then click on the Notify UA opportunity option of the drop-down list:

A new page opens:

Provide the information requested in the mandatory fields. In Beneficiary, you need to select on behalf of which organisation you are publishing the opportunity. The beneficiary organisations in the list are the ones for which you have the PCoCo, CoCo or PaCo roles in the project. Then, enter a short description of the opportunity in your project, following the indications given in the field.

At the bottom of the screen, you can save the entered information as a draft by clicking on Save draft. You can quit the page by clicking on Cancel, you can delete the entered information by clicking on Delete or publish it by clicking on Submit. If you select any of these 3 last options, a pop-up window appears for you to confirm the action:

Click on OK to confirm the action or on Cancel to go back to the previous page.

Only one opportunity is allowed per project, so the Notify UA opportunity option will be no longer available for that specific project once you have submitted an opportunity for it.