Fisheries Areas Network


  • Shetland Islands FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    Shetland is an island archipelago located 340 km north of Aberdeen and 362 km west of Bergen, Norway. It consists of over 100 islands and islets of which 16 are inhabited.
  • Calarasi Danube FLAG

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    The FLAG territory is flat, located in the South-East of the country and consists of the Bărăgan plain and the Danube meadow. In the FLAG area, there are natural coastline wetlands with great biological diversity.
  • Ericeira/Cascais FLAG

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    To the north of Lisbon, Mafra and Cascais are coastal municipalities with strong fisheries sectors due in part to the presence of two auctions and important municipal fish markets in Ericeira and Cascais.
  • Catering company set up by a barnacle gatherer and his mother

    - Good Practice Short Story
    Playa del Aguilar is a renowned beach and highly attractive touristic point on the Asturian coast. The village triples its population over the summer months, from 5 000 to 15 000 and the sandy beach and modern seafront are visited daily by thousands of tourists, summer residents and locals. However, in the vicinity of the beach, there are few restaurants or shops where tourists can buy ready-made food.
  • Hastings FLAG

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    Hastings fishing fleet is a small-scale beach launched fleet predominantly made up of boats under ten metres in length. The fishing techniques are generally selective.
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia FLAG

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    The FLAG area is characterised by a high-quality coastal and lagoon environment, hinterlands full of valuable historic centres. and a well-developed coast including resorts. Management systems for natural resources protection are present and oeno-gastronomical tourism is well developed.
  • Ebro FLAG

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    The Ebro FLAG operates on the Mediterranean coast, in the south of Catalonia. It borders with Aragon to the West and the region of Valencia to the south. The municipalities covered are located along the final stretch of the Ebro river, in the unique setting of the Ebro Delta. The most important port in the area is Sant Carlos de la Ràpita.
  • Sea and Parseta River FLAG

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    The FLAG area is situated in Western Pomerania in the county of Kołobrzeg. The Parsęta river flows through the area and at its estuary there is a harbour with many functions including trade, fishing, passenger traffic etc.
  • Paphos FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The area has an excellent climate, is rich in natural resources and landscapes, and has a rare flora and fauna. The fisheries sector in the area is considered particularly important because it creates jobs and offers healthy products to the people.
  • Virumaa FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    The FLAG area is located on the Northern and North-Eastern coast of Estonia. Small-scale coastal fishing of mostly flounder, perch and salmon is the main activity of local fishermen. This fish is mainly marketed directly to end consumers.