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Admissibility and eligibility check

Once you have submitted a proposal, the Granting Authority will check:

  • admissibility (complete and properly put together) and
  • eligibility (fulfills eligibility conditions)

and then

  • ask an independent evaluation committee to evaluate it.

Admissibility criteria

The admissibility conditions are set out in the call conditions on the Topic page.

They are generally the same across all EU programmes. The proposal must:

  • be submitted through the online Submission System before the call deadline
  • be complete — application form correctly filled out, all sections of Parts A and B completed, all annexes and supporting documents provided
  • be readable, accessible and printable.

Furthermore, the proposal should respect the page limit set out in the application form. Excess pages will be automatically made illegible, and will not be taken into consideration by the evaluators.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria are also set out in the call conditions on the Topic page.

The basic eligibility check involves for most EU programmes if the content of the proposal is in line with the topic description and if it involves participants coming from the right countries.

Additional criteria depend on the programme or specific topic (i.e. minimum consortium composition, type of participant, geographic location of the project activities, coordinator from an EU country, etc.)

For more information on participation of non-EU participants, see Who can apply section.

Outcome of the admissibility and eligibility check

If a proposal is inadmissible or ineligible, the participants will be informed (through the coordinating organisation) and the rejection letter will be posted in their Portal library ( My Proposals > Actions > Follow-up > Proposal Management & Grant Preparation > Documents ).

For complaints procedures against such rejections, see section Complaints about proposal rejection .