Fisheries Areas Network


  • Lake Peipsi FLAG

    - FLAG Factsheet
    Lake Peipsi is the fourth largest lake in Europe and Estonia's largest FLAG. The Peipsi fisheries areas include Lake Peipsi, Lake Pihkva, Lake Lämmijärv, nine lakes in Vooremaa and the coastal areas of Suur-Emajõgi downstream from the city of Tartu.
  • Sicily Islands FLAG

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    The FLAG area is included in three provinces and seven municipalities. Fishing activities on the Sicilian islands are mainly small-scale and coastal. Their challenges include poorly developed infrastructure in landing areas, a lack of real fish markets and a low number of processing facilities.
  • East Liguria FLAG

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    The East Liguria FLAG area covers all coastal municipalities of the provinces of Genoa and La Spezia, and is characterised by a geographical continuity and economical homogeneity based on micro and small businesses (mostly engaged in the trade and tourism sector).
  • Holderness FLAG

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    The Holderness Coast fisheries is a small scale coastal fisheries area specialising in crab and lobster. It is a vibrant industry which continues to grow and develop in the context of a struggling coastal economy traditionally dependant on seaside tourism.
  • Basque Coast FLAG

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    With a population increase of over 20% between 1999 and today, the area’s strong demographic dynamics concern both the coast and the hinterland and impact its entire economy. The maritime identity of the area is strong and sustains many economic sectors: port activities, tourism, sailing, fishing, marine aquaculture, etc.
  • North FLAG

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    Donegal is a large county with a lengthy coastline featuring a number of long inlets and bays. The region is sparsely populated and outside of Letterkenny, its only large urban centre, there is a high dependence on small-scale agriculture and fisheries enterprises.
  • Barycz Valley Partnership FLAG

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    The valley of the Barycz river is situated in south-western Poland at the border of Lower Silesia and Wielkopolska. It has an 800 year-long tradition in carp production in ponds.
  • Roztocze FLAG

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    The FLAG is situated in the South-Eastern part of Poland, on the border between the Podkarpackie and Lubelskie regions. There is a long tradition of fish farming in the area and it remains important to the local economy.
  • Lassithi FLAG

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    The area is located in the western half of the island of Crete. The main economic activities here are tourism and agriculture.
  • Auray & Vannes FLAG

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    The area has a strong historical, geographic and cultural identity, both rural and maritime. The Auray and Vannes area has been shaped by maritime activities for decades.