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Catering company set up by a barnacle gatherer and his mother

Playa del Aguilar is a renowned beach and highly attractive touristic point on the Asturian coast. The village triples its population over the summer months, from 5 000 to 15 000 and the sandy beach and modern seafront are visited daily by thousands of tourists, summer residents and locals. However, in the vicinity of the beach, there are few restaurants or shops where tourists can buy ready-made food.
People nowadays live and eat fast, but that´s not a reason to eat badly. With our company, we offer people the chance to eat take-away food with local, high-quality products and at a reasonable price. The FLAG helped me to grasp this business opportunity and has been vital in getting our business up and running.
Ivan Pulido, Project Promoter

To fill this gap in the local market and diversify his family’s income, Ivan, a barnacle gatherer, along with his mother, opened a very distinctive shop on the village seafront. The newly set up business includes a shop that offers ready-made meals with fresh, local fish and seafood, pastries and fresh sandwiches prepared on the spot using local fisheries products, as well as a catering company that provides food for local events and schools. The food is prepared by Ivan´s 56-year-old mother, based on her own recipes and those of her family.

The support given by the FLAG helped Ivan and his mother cover the costs of setting up the shop, including the small kitchen, and to buy the necessary equipment. The shop and catering company opened in August 2017 and saw a turnover of €26 000 in their first month. The business has already created four full-time jobs and it expects to employ another person in the future. 



Budget €69 932
EU contribution €44 582
  • EMFF: €44 582
Other public contribution €14 860
  • Regional: €14 860
Private contribution €10 490

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