Fisheries Areas Network

FLAG Factsheets by theme

FLAGs are partnerships between fisheries actors and other local private and public stakeholders. Together, they design and implement a local development strategy to address their area´s needs be they economic, social and/or environmental. Based on their strategy, the FLAGs select and provide funding to local projects that contribute to local development in their areas, involving thousands of local stakeholders.

  • PL223

    The FLAG is situated in the northern part of the Wielkopolska region around the Noteć river. More than half of the area is covered with forests and there are also many lakes and rivers. The natural assets of the area attract many tourists, especially for canoeing, birdwatching, angling, mushroom-gathering, horse-riding and hunting.
  • PL224

    The FLAG area is situated in the northern part of Wielkopolska, relatively close to big cities. It is rich in lakes, rivers, ponds and fishing grounds and there is good potential for rural tourism and recreational activities.
  • PL225

    The FLAG is in an area of wide valleys and three large rivers: the Warta, the Bzura and the Ner. The fisheries sector consists of small-scale fish producers in ponds, mainly producing carp.
  • PL226

    The area covers seven municipalities north of the city of Warsaw, and is unique in the Mazovia region in that 8% of its surface is covered by water. This is due in part to the meeting of three large rivers: the Vistula, the Narew and the Bug.
  • PL227

    The FLAG is situated in the northern part of the Lublin region, and it is strongly diversified in terms of nature and landscape. Settlements in this area have historically been linked with lakes and fishing and most fish farms still use traditional methods such as the natural feeding of fish.
  • PL228

    The FLAG area is situated in the western part of the Lublin region. It has very varied terrain, suitable for active tourism, and many protected areas. There are over 900 fish ponds.
  • PL229

    The FLAG is situated in the South-Eastern part of Poland, on the border between the Podkarpackie and Lubelskie regions. There is a long tradition of fish farming in the area and it remains important to the local economy.
  • PL230

    The FLAG area is situated between the rivers Vistula and San and covers remnants of the ancient forests of Sandomierz and Janów Lubelski.
  • PL231

    The FLAG covers 18 municipalities located in the south-western part of Swietokrzyskie region. The FLAG area is mostly rural, with jobs located mainly in the towns of Jędrzejów, Małogoszcz, Sędziszów and Włoszczowa.
  • PL232

    The area of the FLAG is located in Małopolska: relatively close to big cities such as Bielsko-Biała, Katowice and Kraków. It has a 700 year tradition of carp production in ponds.