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December 2017

  • Blue Economy Awards recognises outstanding FLAG projects in Galicia
  • FLAGs State of Play – 2017 Wrap Up
  • Action points on integrating aquaculture within local communities
  • The Spanish Network of Women in Fisheries lead the way
  • MedPAN Call for Small Projects for Marine Protected Areas
  • Mediterranean FLAGs invited to create links with North African fishing communities
  • EU Aquaculture – Farmed in the EU Regions

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November 2017

  • Italy launches its National Network
  • The EMFF and local perspectives beyond 2020
  • The Seals & Cormorants Transnational Cooperation project moves forward
  • 1st International Conference on Low Impact, Artisanal and Small-Scale Fishing
  • Romanian and Polish FLAGs share experiences with Bulgarian candidate FLAGs
  • Gender on the agenda of the seafood industry

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October 2017

  • FLAGs: State of Play
  • UK National Network sets plans into motion
  • Murcia FLAG training days
  • North Kaszuby FLAG workshops
  • Galicia & Portugal inaugurate a cooperation project
  • Integrating aquaculture within local communities

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July 2017

  • Survey results on FLAG support to Small-Scale Coastal Fisheries
  • Seeking synergies and opportunities for cooperation in the north-west of the Mediterranean
  • Annual Meeting of Spanish FLAGs
  • Costa Sostible FLAG: a commitment to training
  • Estonian FLAGs visit North East Scotland FLAG

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June 2017

  • Managing Authorities and National Networks will help FLAGs go beyond “business as usual”
  • Social inclusion and CLLD
  • FLAGs making the headlines!
  • Support from the EMFF: Opportunities for small-scale coastal fishermen
  • Presenting CLLD to Fisheries Economists

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March 2017

  • Over ten Baltic FLAGs join forces in transnational cooperation scheme
  • Italian FLAGs kick off 2017 with technical meetings
  • FLAGs making headlines!
  • Recent Eurobarometer survey reveals EU consumer habits regarding fishery and aquaculture products
  • How FLAGs are helping fisheries communities shape the future of their areas

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January 2017

  • Estonian and Latvian FLAGs meet in an unusual setting
  • New Year, New Website!
  • Events
  • Other news

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November 2016

  • Boosting business along the fisheries value chain
  • Building the skills of Croatian FLAGs to develop high quality strategies
  • Events
  • Other news

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October 2016

  • Cooperation catches on during the summer: LEADER transnational cooperation fair in Estonia, Festival of Local Actions Groups in Slovenia
  • Galicia publishes the first Cooperation Call
  • Events
  • Other news

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August 2016

  • Announcing the next FARNET seminar: "Boosting business along the fisheries supply chain", Thessaloniki, Greece, 18-20 October 2016
  • FLAGs support innovation through cross-sector pollination
  • Events
  • Other news

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July 2016

  • Results-oriented CLLD: 10 tools to analyze FLAG achievements and more
  • Coastal communities react to refugee crisis 
  • Events
  • Other news

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May 2016

  • Results-oriented CLLD
  • Local community on board as South Finland FLAG kicks off
  • Events
  • Other news

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April 2016

  • The first FARNET Managing Authority meeting of the new programming period
  • FLAG and Cofradias land certified sustainable octopus fishery 
  • Events
  • Other news

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February 2016

  • Multi-fund CLLD – going forward together! 
  • CLLD up close: delivering results in your community 
  • Events
  • Other news

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