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UCP Directive

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EC Guidance

3.4.6. Limited in time free conditional-purchase promotions


National ID Common name Subject Directive article Date decision Decision type
Decision no. RWR-12/2011 misleading commercial practices Article 5 2.
Article 7 1.
01/07/2011 Administrative decision, first degree
I-2080-624/2009 misleading price Article 2 (d)
Article 2 (h)
Article 5 2.
Article 6 1.
Article 11 3. (a)
Annex I al1 7.
11/12/2009 Court decision, first degree

Legal Literature

Reference Title Author Date
Der Lebensmittelkurier (LMK) 2011, 315392 Federal Court of Justice: Insufficient information about an inadequate storage - Irish butter W. BERLIT 2011

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