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UCP Directive

Annex I al1 20.

EC Guidance

3.4.5. Conditional-purchase promotions
3.4.6. Limited in time free conditional-purchase promotions


National ID Common name Subject Directive article Date decision Decision type
4 Ob 26/09s Bonusprogramm pyramid scheme Annex I al1 14.
09/06/2009 Supreme court decision
94/2012. VJ misleading omissions Article 6 1. (b)
Article 7 1.
Article 7 2.
16/09/2013 Administrative decision, first degree
40/2012. VJ misleading advertising Article 7 1.
Article 7 4. (a)
15/05/2013 Administrative decision, first degree
President Commercial Court Nivelles, 18 February 2009 President Commercial Court Nivelles, 18 February 2009 limitations imposed by the medium Article 7 1.
Article 7 2.
Article 7 3.
18/02/2009 Court decision, first degree

Legal Literature

Reference Title Author Date
Dalloz Actualit├ęs, Affaires, October 2011 The new legal regime of sales promotions, unfair commercial practices : European context and implementation into French law J. MOURRE 2011
Contrats Concurrence Consommation No. 8, August 2011, Alerte 64. Conditional offers, premium offers and sweepstakes are now officially lawful: legal evolution or new complex issues to come? A.L. FALKMAN 2011

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