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UCP Directive

Whereas (8)
Article 2 (d)
Article 3 1.

EC Guidance

1.8. The concept of trader


National ID Common name Subject Directive article Date decision Decision type
105451 / KG ZA 10 - 252 B2B Article 6 2. (a)
20/01/2011 Court decision, first degree
6 U 150/09 B2C Article 5 2.
31/05/2010 Court decision in appeal
Supreme Court, 20 May 2008 pyramid scheme Article 3 1.
Annex I al1 14.
20/05/2008 Supreme court decision
[2012] EWCA Crim 539 trader Article 2 (b)
Article 2 (d)
12/03/2012 Court decision in appeal
I ZR 170/10 trader Article 2 (b)
Article 2 (d)
Article 3 1.
18/01/2012 Supreme court decision

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