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UCP Directive

Annex I al1 5.

EC Guidance

1.4. Sales promotions fall within the scope of the Directive


National ID Common name Subject Directive article Date decision Decision type
Ghent Court of First Instance, criminal division, 12 January 2011 bait advertising Annex I al1 5.
12/01/2011 Court decision, first degree
3J/2011 bait advertising Article 6 1.
Annex I al1 6.
25/02/2011 Other
Vj/78-45/2009 bait advertising Article 5 1.
Article 5 2.
Article 6 1. (b)
Annex I al1 5.
08/12/2009 Administrative decision, first degree

Legal Literature

Reference Title Author Date
Iustum - Aequum - Salutare, 2010, vol. 1, pages 29-56 The most significant decisions of the Hungarian Competition Authority of 2009 in relation to misleading of consumers and unfair commercial practices T. TÓTH 2010
IT Law Today, April 2011, page 5-6 Bait and switch - buying deal may have breached the law - iPhone sales Unknown 2011
Der Lebensmittelkurier (LMK) 2011, 315392 Federal Court of Justice: Insufficient information about an inadequate storage - Irish butter W. BERLIT 2011
Aranzadi Civil-Mercantil núm. 8/2011 (Estudio). Disguised trade practices. N. IRACULIS ARREGI 2011

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