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UCP Directive

Article 11 al2 (b)
Article 11 2.
Article 11 al9
Article 11 al11
Article 12
Whereas (21)

EC Guidance

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National ID Common name Subject Directive article Date decision Decision type
ref. code: P/0246/03/2011 terms & conditions 18/11/2011 Administrative decision, first degree
Consumer Rights Protection Centre Decision Nr. 21-06/6821-P-142 aggressive commercial practices Article 2 (d)
Article 2 (e)
Article 5 4. (b)
Article 9 al1 (a)
Article 9 al1 (c)
11/11/2011 Administrative decision, first degree
2S-14 free Article 11 al2 (b)
Annex I al1 1.
Annex I al1 20.
31/05/2010 Administrative decision, first degree
Cour de Cassation, chambre criminelle, N° 09-84.800 enforcement 09/03/2010 Supreme court decision
Administratīvās rajona tiesas spriedums lietā Nr. A420632710 misleading advertising Article 6 1.
Article 11 al2 (b)
Annex I al1 16.
08/03/2012 Administrative decision, first degree
Administratīvās rajona tiesas spriedums lietā Nr. A420592710 misleading advertising Article 6 1. (a)
Article 6 2.
Article 7 1.
Annex I al1 20.
07/03/2012 Administrative decision, first degree
PS1898 "POOL PHARMA-KILOCAL" health and safety Article 5 2. (b)
Article 6 1. (b)
Article 7 1.
Article 7 2.
08/10/2010 Administrative decision, first degree
I414-561/2011 free Article 11 al2 (b)
Annex I al1 20.
26/05/2011 Court decision, first degree
Decision no. DDK-2/2013 Decision no. DDK-2/2013 misleading commercial practices Article 6 1. (c)
02/05/2013 Administrative decision, first degree
MD 2013:3 MD 2013:3 black list Article 6 1. (f)
Annex I al1 4.
05/02/2013 Court decision in appeal
Regional Court of Administrative Cases ruling in the case No A420632710 misleading advertising Article 6 1.
Article 11 al2 (b)
Annex I al1 16.
21/01/2013 Court decision in appeal
MD 2013:7 black list Annex I al1 4.
30/04/2013 Court decision in appeal

Legal Literature

Reference Title Author Date
Tijdschrift voor Consumentenrecht en handelspraktijken, 2009-2, pages 37-43 The Consumer Authority and the Law on Unfair Commercial Practices'' role concerning unwanted solicitations R.C. MOED 2009
Európai Tükör /European Review/, 2009, vol. 9, pages 54-66 Regulation of unfair commercial practices in the European Union E. ZS. TÁRCZY 2009
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Giurisprudenza di merito, 2008, vol. 7-8, page 1830 The decree on unfair commercial practices, a new border for consumer protection C. TUBERI 2008, 2009, vol. 15, page 1 The first decisions of the Italian administrative courts on unfair commercial practices M. LIBERTINI 2009
Kwink group, Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft, Evaluation Consumer Authority based on the Act on Enforcement of Consumer Protection, July 2011, pages 1-90. Final report of the evaluation of the Consumer Authority on the Act on Enforcement of Consumer Protection B.P.A. VAN MIL, A.E. DIJKZEUL, J. VAN ERP, and others 2011

Other materials

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To consumers - Unfair commercial practices Tarbijakaitseamet (Estonian Consumer Protection Board)


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