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National ID Common name Subject Directive article Date decision Decision type
4 Ob 208/10g Fußballer des Jahres IV. full harmonisation Article 5 4.
15/02/2011 Supreme court decision
C-288/10 Wamo full harmonisation Whereas (14)
30/06/2011 Court of justice decision
C.09.0436.N black list Annex I al1 1.
21/02/2011 Supreme court decision
09-11.161 full harmonisation Annex I al1 1.
15/11/2010 Supreme court decision
C-265/12 Citroën Belux financial services Whereas (9)
Article 3 9.
18/07/2013 Court of justice decision
C-126/11 Inno full harmonisation Whereas (14)
Article 1
15/12/2011 Court of justice decision
4Ob208/10g Fussballer des Jahres full harmonisation 15/02/2011 Supreme court decision
I ZR 2/11 advertorial Article 7 2.
Annex I al1 11.
19/07/2012 Supreme court decision

Legal Literature

Reference Title Author Date
G. STRAETMANS, J. STUYCK, E. TERRYN, De wet handelspraktijken anno 2008, Mechelen, Kluwer, 2008, 1-50 A critical review of the scope of application of the UCP Directive and the Belgian implementation law G. STRAETMANS 2008
TBH 2009, afl. 8, 778-786 The Court of Justice clarifies the scope of Directive 2005/29/EC with regard to combined offers L. DE BROUWER 2009
Europejski Przegląd Sądowy, 2011, no. 11, pages 43-49 The borders of the national laws on combating unfair commercial practices - comments on the judgment of the Court of Justice of 9 November 2011 in case C-540/08 Mediaprint Zeitungs- und Zeitschriftenverlag and the decision of the Court of Justice in case C-288/10 Wamo. M. NAMYSŁOWSKA 2011

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