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The UCPD Database has moved.

This website will disappear on 31 October 2018.
The contents of the Unfair Commercial Practices Database are now available the e-Justice Portal
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Directive 2005/29/EC on Unfair Commercial Practices lays down harmonised rules for the fight against unfair commercial practices and contributes to a high level of consumer protection. It ensures that consumers are not misled or exposed to aggressive marketing and that any claim made by traders in the EU is clear, accurate and substantiated, enabling consumers to make informed and meaningful choices. The Directive also aims to ensure, promote and protect fair competition in the area of commercial practices.

Since the adoption of the Directive, Member States have enacted national transposition laws. This poses a number of challenges, especially if one considers the legal impact of full harmonisation in an area characterised by considerable differences in national policy, style and enforcement techniques.

Together with the Guidance on the application of the Directive, this web-site constitutes an important tool to develop a common understanding and a convergence of practices when implementing and applying the Directive.

The web-site establishes a very comprehensive legal database which allows the public to access in a user-friendly manner the laws and jurisprudence of the Member States related to the Directive, as well as other relevant material such as any relevant academic work. The information included in the database is arranged in sections and can be filtered by relevance with specific Articles of the Directive, keywords, case law and Legal Literature. All sections are linked to each other to facilitate navigation between related topics. The country sections include an overview of the national enforcement system, in addition to the national case law, Legal Literature and other materials. The database has advanced search functions which cover the totality of the content. It will be updated regularly to include new developments.