2.5.8. Enforcement action against misleading environmental claims and the burden of proof

Under the Directive:

Self-regulation cannot therefore be used as a substitute for legal action. It is the Member States' responsibility, under Article 11 of the Directive, to ensure adequate and effective means to combat unfair commercial practices in general and misleading environmental claims in particular.

"Member States shall confer upon the courts or administrative authorities powers enabling them in the civil or administrative proceedings provided for in article 11:

to require the trader to furnish evidence as to the accuracy of factual claims in relation to a commercial practice if, taking into account the legitimate interest of the trader and any other party to the proceedings, such a requirement appears appropriate on the basis of the circumstances of the particular case;

to consider factual claims as inaccurate if the evidence demanded in accordance with (a) is not furnished or is deemed insufficient by the court or administrative authority"


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